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    How to post photos on Instagram from your computer

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    You can use an app for post photos on Instagram from your Windows or Mac. Instagram is a mobile app that doesn't allow you to upload photos directly from the internet.

    Usa Gramblr per Mac o PC

    1. Open the Gramblr website for post photos on Instagram from your computer, this free program for Mac and Windows allows you to post pictures on Instagram directly from a computer.
    2. Click on Download, select the button corresponding to your operating system to download the program.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Gramblr.
    4. If you are using Windows, the installer will be in a ZIP folder that needs to be extracted.
    5. Open Gramblr, create an account and enter your Instagram username and password. As Gramblr is not supported by Instagram, there is no guarantee that your credentials will not be saved. However, many users are using this program.
    6. Upload a photo or video, select a photo or video and drag the file to the Gramblr window.
    7. Click Crop, the option is at the top of the window.
    8. Crop the photo, click on it and move the sides of the square until the image is framed the way you want.
    9. Click Save, this is a green button on the right.
    10. Add Filters, click the Apply Filters option at the top of the screen.
    11. Click Filters on the right and use Gramblr's image editing tools to edit the photo or video.
    12. Select the Motion option to add an animated effect to photos or videos.
    13. Click Continue, the option is on the right. Add a legend. Click the text frame to the right of the photo and type a caption.
    14. Some users say they have had problems with their account after posting hashtagged photos from Gramblr. Be careful if you include hashtags in the caption.
    15. Click Submit, this is the green button under the caption frame. Your photo will be posted on Instagram immediately.

    Use the Windows 10 application with a touch computer

    1. Download Instagram then open Windows Store and type Instagram in the search bar. Select the icon with the official logo and install the application. You will be notified when the installation is complete.
    2. In Windows 10, Instagram's image download and edit features are only available on tablets and computers with a touch screen and rear camera.
    3. Log into your account with your Instagram credentials.
    4. Use Instagram start posting as if you were using your mobile.

    Usa Dropbox su Mac o PC e Android

    1. Create a Dropbox account for post photos on Instagram from your computer, this cloud storage service allows you to quickly share files between different devices. You have to use your Android device for this method, but it can easily and quickly post photos from your computer to Instagram without having to sync another device.
    2. The free Dropbox account contains 2GB of storage, which should be more than enough to transfer images.
    3. Archive photos Save photos to Dropbox from your computer. You can do this directly on the Dropbox website or download the program for Mac or Windows.
    4. Download Dropbox for Android. You can find the free app in the Google Play Store. It will allow you to access the files you have stored in Dropbox from your mobile device.
    5. The Instagram app must be installed on your device.
    6. Dropbox for iPhone and iPad is not compatible with Instagram.
    7. Open Dropbox, launch the app on your Android device and log into your account.
    8. Tap Photos this is one of the default folders for the Dropbox app.
    9. Select an image tap the photo you want to share on Instagram.
    10. Share the photo, tap the circle with a small arrow at the bottom at the top right of the screen.
    11. Tap Export option located in the middle of the sharing menu.
    12. Select Instagram the Instagram application will be launched. Follow the onscreen prompts to crop and edit the photo, add a caption, and create a post as you normally would.

    We just finished learning about the various procedures for posting photos on Instagram from your computer. Do you know others?

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