How to fix Amazon Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi

How to fix Amazon Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi

TV sticks are a great way to watch content without relying on a mobile or desktop device. A device like Amazon's Fire stick comes with its own remote making it the perfect device for a TV. TV sticks transmit online content. They can be set up to work with a local media server, but in order to stream from it, it must still be connected to the network the server is on.

Fire Stick won't connect to Wi-Fi

If your Firestick can't connect to a WiFi network, you won't be able to stream anything as the device doesn't have built-in storage. Without an internet connection, it's useless.

Before trying to troubleshoot with Firestick;

  • Restart the router. Make sure the lights on it are stable.
  • Check if other devices are able to connect to the WiFi network. If no device is able to connect to it, the problem is likely with your connection or your router.
  • Check if you have internet connectivity. Connect to the WiFi network from a different device, such as a phone, and check if you are able to surf. If not, Firestick may just drop the connection because it's not working. Contact your ISP to resolve the connection problem.

If other devices are able to connect to the WiFi network, but Firestick cannot, follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Turn the Fire stick off and on again

Restarting Firestick can fix many problems with it, including connectivity issues.

  • Unplug the power source for the Firestick.
  • Turn off the router.
  • Wait 10-15 seconds.
  • Turn on the router and wait for the lights to stabilize (stop blinking).
  • Plug in the power source for the Firestick and turn it on.

Manually connect to the network

Firestick may not be connected to the network. This can happen if the signal from the network is weak. manually select the network and connect to it.

  • Connect the Firestick to your TV and turn it on.
  • Use the remote control and select Settings.
  • Go to Network.
  • Select the network and wait for it to connect.

Check the WiFi signal

If the wireless router is too far from the Firestick, it may not connect to the wireless network. Try moving the router closer. Make sure nothing interferes with the signal. If you can't move your router, consider using a WiFi repeater or extender.

Remember that Firestick will not have the same range as other devices, for example a phone may be able to connect to a weak signal from the router but Firestick may reject it.

Change HDMI port

The Firestick connects to an HDMI port on the back of a TV. Many devices have more than one HDMI port. If your TV has another HDMI port available, unplug the Firestick and plug it into another HDMI port. Problems with the port can cause connection problems.

Usa Ethernet

The Firestick must be connected to a network, but it does not necessarily have to be a wireless network. It is easier to connect to a wireless network, but it is possible to connect to the Ethernet network. You will need to purchase an adapter to establish the connection, but it will be more reliable than a wireless connection.

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