How to watch Amazon Prime Video with your friends remotely

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Host an Amazon Watch Party where you and 99 other friends and family can join online to watch the same show or movie together.

In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about starting, hosting, and attending an Amazon Watch Party, so you can share memorable experiences with your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world.

The requirements for hosting an Amazon Watch Party

To host a Watch Party, you first need to make sure everyone has an Amazon Prime membership. Since the party can accommodate up to 100 people, everyone must have their own membership to participate.

You will also need to make sure that no one is using Safari or Internet Explorer because none of these browsers are compatible with Watch Party. Stay away from smart TVs, game consoles, media players, cell phones, and tablets while you're at it. Neither of these devices will work with Watch Party.

If your group wants to watch a movie or show that costs money like the latest version, everyone in the group will need to purchase the same movie or show for this to work. Otherwise, you'll need to stick to the content included with your Prime memberships.

Traveling while trying to host or attend a surveillance party will be tricky. You can still host while traveling, but some of the content may not be available due to regional restrictions. It will save the time wasted by the band trying to figure out what to play if you look ahead of your scheduled party. It is currently not possible to join an international Watch Party.

How to create an Amazon Watch Party on the web

As long as you're using a compatible device, organizing your Watch party takes just a few steps to get started. You'll get everyone else involved when you're done setting everything up.

  • Go to
  • Click on Prime Video
  • Select your movie or show
  • Click Watch Party icon
  • Enter your chat name
  • click on Crea Watch Party

At this point, you will be provided with a link from Amazon that you can share with friends and family for them to join. Once they click the link, they'll be able to join the chat and start watching whenever you say it's time.

Come creare Amazon Watch Party su Fire TV

For a Watch Party on Fire TV, you'll need more coordination with your phone and TV to get it all working.

  • Open the Prime Video app on the Fire TV
  • Select your movie or show
  • Select the Watch Party icon (looks like a party popper)
  • Select Crea Watch Party
  • Go to the link provided on the browser of a mobile device
  • Enter your chat name
  • Select Join the chat
  • Click on Start watching on Fire TV

Using your mobile device while watching your entertainment gives you access to chat so you can talk to friends and family. The same link you entered to access the chat is the same one you will send to your network to get started.

How to join an Amazon Watch Party on Fire TV

If your friends are trying to watch using their Fire TV, they will first need to enter that link in their mobile browser to receive a code. Then, they'll open the Prime Video app on their TV and go to Le my stuff> Find a party to watch . Once the code is entered, they will be able to sync for viewing.

All links created expire after seven days, so it is not possible to schedule the Watch Party too far in advance. For now, your best option would be to create a calendar invitation and then create the real Watch Party closest to the event.

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