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With the increase in the traffic of shipments and payments, it can happen to run into some small unexpected events, such as:

  • We have received an email notifying us that we are unable to proceed, due to problems with the payment method we have selected,
  • the courier tried to deliver some products we had ordered on Amazon, but we were not at home,
  • we would like to know when the new delivery will be made.

For these or other easily resolvable problems, we may need to contact an Amazon operator directly.

This online trading company provides an assistance service, to which specialized consultants respond, free of charge and immediately:

  • by phone,
  • per chat,
  • with email,
  • tramite social network.

How to talk to an Amazon operator

In this article we will explain how to contact an Amazon operator, describing how:

  • contact Amazon customer service through all available channels,
  • receive assistance for Prime and Prime Video services.

How to contact an Amazon operator by phone

Let's start to see how speak to an Amazon operator by phone.

Even there is no real telephone number, to get in touch with customer service, it is possible, after registering on Amazon, to make your contact request from the site or from the app available for:

  • Android - even for devices without Google services,
  • iOS/iPadOS,
  • wait to be called back.

To get in touch with Amazon operators from the site:

  • connect to its home page,
  • if necessary, log in by entering theemail address, associated with our profile and the relative Password in the appropriate fields,
  • press on the wording Hello [username] Accounts and lists top right,
  • on the next screen, click on the entry Help (the one with the "?" icon).


  • pressing the button Contact us,
  • on the next page, click one of the buttons shown above, to choose the topic we need assistance among others:
  1. My shipment, my order, a return,
  2. Kindle device,
  3. Fire o Alexa,
  4. Musica,
  5. eBook,
  6. games or videos and so on.

In case we had selected the first option: a shipment, an order or a return:

  • our most recent order and its purchased items will automatically be shown below,
  • to choose another order, press the button Select another order,
  • go to item Load more orders placed at the bottom.

In case we need help with orders placed in years prior to the current one:

  • click on the box Last 6 months top right,
  • through the appropriate option select the list regarding the orders placed in the past.

At this point, regardless of which topic we have selected for assistance:

  • press on button placed under the heading Tell us more about your problem,
  • choose from the list the wording that best describes your problem.

Another one will be shown below box on which:

  • press to select aoption even more specific,
  • select the button Phone Number located at the bottom,
  • in the next screen we will be able to see a summary with the topic, the details of our request and the telephone number associated with our account,
  • if we want to be contacted on another telephone number, modify the one proposed by typing it in the appropriate one box.


  • press the button call me now and we will be contacted within a few minutes,
  • customer service can be reached by telephone seven days a week pm 06:00 pm 23:59.

Let us now consider the same steps from smartphones and tablets through theWhatsapp official of Amazon:

  • start it by clicking on the icon smiling package, which can be found on the home screen or in the app menu,
  • tap the ☰ button at the bottom right,
  • I will select the voice Customer Care located at the bottom of the next screen.

Then we have to choose the topic on which we ask for assistance:

  • indicate a topic more specific or a article purchased for which we need support,
  • tap on the item I need more help,
  • press on the item Ask us to call you,
  • click on the button call me now.

How to contact an Amazon operator via chat

If we prefer to speak to an Amazon operator via cathe procedure to be followed is almost entirely analogous to the one we have already illustrated.

From the Amazon website:

  • open the support page,
  • choose thetopic for which we need help, by pressing on the appropriate buttons high places,
  • choose the box placed under the heading Tell us more about your problem,
  • select theoption most suitable from the list,
  • click the button Chat located at the bottom right.

This will open a new page, where you can chat with the first available operator, you can then start composing messages in the lower field.

This service is active 7 days on 7 pm 06:00 pm 23:59.

This same option is also available in theWhatsapp by Amazon for mobile devices.

To use it:

  • start it,
  • press the button ☰ located at the bottom right,
  • choose the item Customer care,
  • select a topic from the list,
  • tap on the wording that describes ours problem or article that we bought,
  • press on the item I need more help,
  • go to the inscription Chat with us now.

How to contact an Amazon operator by email

It can also be contact an Amazon operator by email, just repeat the same steps we saw in the chapter: how to talk to an operator by phone.

In this case, however, once you get to the last screen of the site asking how you want to contact Amazon:

  • click on the button E-mail,
  • type the message describing the problem,
  • click the button Send.
  • downtown 3 working days, sA reply will be sent to the email address associated with the email address of the Amazon account used.

Also fromAmazon application for mobile devicesi you can contact the assistance following the same indications.

In this case, however, after selecting the item I need more help, we must tap on the wording Contact customer service by email and compose our message in the lower field of the next screen.

How to contact an Amazon operator via social networks

If we prefer the social networks, su Twitter, you can write a private message to the @AmazonHelp account, which is dedicated to the assistance of Amazon.

After logging in to the social network in question, from the website or app:

  • open the Amazon profile,
  • press the icon of letter envelope,
  • compose the message,
  • an operator will reply as soon as possible.

How to talk to an Amazon Prime operator

If we have signed up for a subscription to Amazon Prime and we wish to have information on its renewal, or on how to unsubscribe or on other details related to the service in question.

The procedure to follow to contact customer service from the company website is very similar to the one already seen previously.

This time, after going to the entry page Contact:

  • press the button Other, located at the top right,
  • press on button placed under the heading Tell us more about your problem,
  • I will select the voice Premium from the list that is proposed to us,
  • click on the button Choose an option,
  • select the wording which best describes our problem.

Finally, you can choose whether:

  • be contacted by phone,
  • start a chat,
  • send an email to support,
  • pressing on the appropriate buttons located at the bottom of the page.

This can also be done fromAmazon app for smartphones or tablets:

  • open it,
  • press button ☰,
  • going up Customer Service> Prime,
  • choose the option assistance we need,
  • press on the wording I need more help,
  • select theoption contact form we prefer.

How to talk to an Amazon Prime Video operator

If we want to speak to an Amazon consultant for problems regarding the Prime Video on-demand video streaming service, to ask doubts, questions or a request for help, you can contact the official assistance, following the same steps seen in the previous chapter.

In this case, clearly, from the list of support topics we will have to select the item Prime Video.

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