How to buy on Amazon with Bonus Cultura 18app

It is possible to spend the 500 euros of the Culture Bonus, 18app, also on Amazon, to buy books, Kindle eBooks, audio books, CDs, Vinyls and DVDs / Blu-rays.

What is the culture bonus?

The culture bonus is a contribution of € 500 that the Government makes available to those who have turned 18 in 2020. In 2021, residents in Spain who were born in 2002 and turned 18 in 2020 can benefit from it. You must register on the website with your digital identity (SPID) by 31 August 2021.
To be able to spend the voucher on it is essential to use an Amazon account.
In these pages we will explain how to use the Bonus Culture bonus on, listing what type of products you can buy. We will also go through the steps to create an 18app voucher and place an order on Amazon using the payment voucher.

What to buy on Amazon with 18app

Let's see immediately what are the products for sale on Amazon that can also be purchased with the Culture Bonus.

By creating an 18app voucher and changing it to an Amazon code, you can buy books, comics, Kindle eBooks, audiobooks, CDs, vinyls, DVDs, and Blu-rays sold and shipped by Amazon.

Nothing to do, however, for purchases of music in digital format and for the activation of one of Amazon's subscription services, such as Kindle Unlimited or Music Unlimited.

Even if with 18app it is not possible to buy Amazon vouchers, you can, however, create a voucher on 18app, convert it into an Amazon code, and use it to pay for an order including gifts to other people, provided that the products purchased are books, comics, Kindle eBooks, audio books, CDs, vinyls, DVDs or Blu-Ray.

How to create Amazon voucher with 18app

To access the Web platform that allows you to get the 500 euros of the Culture Bonus, you must have a digital identity, SPID (Public Digital Identity System). It is an authentication system, which allows private citizens and businesses to access the online services of the Public Administration and private companies that adhere to the initiative.

To obtain the SPID, free or for a fee, we must contact an authorized identity provider (identity provider), the main ones being: Poste Spagnane, Aruba, TIM, Register, Sielte, Namirial, InfoCert and Lepida.
Once the Identity has been chosen, it is necessary to register on its site, having a valid identity document at hand, the tax code and carefully follow the procedure that changes from manager to manager.

Moving on, to create an 18app voucher we need to:

  • connect to the page!/,
  • click on the Beneficiary item in the top menu,
  • select the Login option,
  • in the new open page, press the Enter with SPID button,
  • select the Identity provider on which we obtained the digital identity (eg PosteID, IntesaID, TIM ID, Namiral ID etc.),
  • enter the login credentials in the Username and Password fields,
  • click on the Enter with SPID button.

In the new screen that appears:

  • press the Create voucher button,
  • select the Online shop option,
  • choose one of the available options, according to the product we are interested in buying from: Recorded music to buy a CD or vinyl, Books to buy a book in physical or digital format, Audiovisual publishing products for the purchase of DVD and Blu- Ray.

At this point:

  • enter the denomination of the voucher to be created in the Amount of the voucher field, considering that on Amazon it is possible to use vouchers for a full amount (e.g. 20 euros and not 20,50 euros) and with a minimum amount of 1 euro,
  • click on the Create voucher and Confirm buttons to create the 18app voucher,
  • copy the code shown on the screen.

Once the voucher has been created on 18app, it is now necessary to convert it into an Amazon code:

  • press on the Amazon Coupon option at the bottom, or connect to the appropriate Amazon page, https: //,
  • enter the code created just now in the 18app voucher field,
  • specify our email address in the appropriate field,
  • tick to give consent to the processing of personal data,
  • click on the Start button.

Done this:

  • check the item I am not a robot, to verify the identity,
  • press the Continue button to receive an email with the voucher code to spend on Amazon.

Based on the amount of the converted 18app voucher, multiple Amazon codes can be created to be used together to pay for a single purchase.

18app is not available as an application for smartphones and tablets, but you can use the browser we usually use (eg Chrome on Android or Safari on iPhone / iPad), connect to the official website of 18app https: //www.18app.! and carry out the same operations seen so far, both to log in with SPID and to create a new voucher and convert it into an Amazon code.

How to order on Amazon with 18app

Now that we have created and converted the 18app voucher, we can use the codes obtained to pay for our Amazon purchases. Let's see how to do it.

From computer

  • connect to the main page of Amazon, if you need to create an account: point the mouse on the item Accounts and lists, click on the Login button, enter the data in the fields E-mail address or mobile number and password and press the Login button again,
  • click on Accounts and lists,
  • choose the option Your payments,
  • in the new screen displayed, check that you have paired the account with a valid payment method, as indicated in the Amazon guidelines regarding 18app vouchers.

If it wasn't done:

  • go to the Add a new payment method section,
  • click on one of the available options between Add a credit or debit card or Add a current account, to add a new payment method.

Once this situation has also been verified, we can now use the 18app voucher on Amazon.

To search for a product that interests us:

  • type its name in the search field at the top,
  • press the Enter key on your keyboard to view the search results. Or:
  • click on All categories, selecting the category of our interest from those dedicated to the Bonus Culture initiative (Books, Films and TV and CDs and Vinyls),
  • press the magnifying glass icon to search in the chosen category.

Just found what you intend to buy:

  • click on his name and, in the new screen displayed, see that the 18app sticker is present, that is, it can be purchased with the Culture Bonus,
  • press the Add to cart button and repeat the procedure for all the products you want to buy.

To make the payment:

  • press on the item Cart, at the top right,
  • click on the Proceed to order button,
  • in the new screen go to the Payment Methods section,
  • enter the Amazon code we have in the Enter code field,
  • press the Apply button to redeem the relative amount,
  • repeat the procedure for all the necessary codes, to pay the total cost of the products we are purchasing.

In the Order Summary box you can see the total cost of the items added to the cart (Items), any shipping costs (Shipping costs) and the total amount of the 18app vouchers used (Promotional discount). To complete the order and proceed with the purchase, click on the Buy Now button.

If the Amazon voucher created with 18app is higher than the product purchased, the remaining credit can also be used to buy other products compatible with 18app, without creating a new voucher.

To check the remaining digit of the code:

  • add any product that can be purchased with the Culture Bonus to the cart of our Amazon account,
  • press the Proceed to order button,
  • check the amount under Promotional discount.

From smartphones and tablets

  • start the Amazon app for Android (also available on alternative stores, for devices without Google services) or iPhone / iPad,
  • log into our account,
  • tap the ☰ button, from the bottom menu,
  • select the My Account option,
  • on the new screen, click on Your Payments to check that you have added a valid payment method for your Amazon account.


  • search for the product we want to buy,
  • click on the search result that interests us,
  • from the new screen, check that the product is one of those that can be acquired with the Culture Bonus (you can see the 18app sticker),
  • if it is confirmed, tap on the Add to cart button (or on the Buy now item, to proceed with the payment immediately),
  • repeat the procedure for all products to be purchased,
  • press the shopping cart icon at the bottom,
  • tap the Proceed to order button,
  • enter the Amazon codes in our possession in the Enter field or,
  • scan the code,
  • press the Buy Now button to complete the payment.

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