Devices you can integrate with Amazon Alexa for home automation

Devices you can integrate with Amazon Alexa for home automation. Thanks to these devices you will make your home smarter you will be able to access appliances, access lights, radiators or control entire rooms in the house with Alexa.

Smart Plugs per Alexa

Smart plugs can literally turn any device that uses a power outlet into a smart device, although there are some limitations. For example, if you want your espresso machine to make coffee for you it can't do it but if you leave the machine on and ask Alexa to turn it on the power will switch off and it will heat up sooner.

Other devices such as fans, air purifiers, external speakers and more simply need to be constantly in the “on” position to allow control. This is because the smart plug works by literally controlling the power of the device itself, i.e. it turns on and off the power to the device connected through Alexa.

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Smart bulbs for Alexa

While the same effect of controlling some lights in your home could be achieved by using a smart socket as mentioned above, options like Phillips Hue bulbs take that automation to the next level. Not only are they more comfortable (as they can also fit into recessed, ceiling, chandelier and more lighting), but they can also dim on command and set the mood with a number of different color options with just a couple of simple programmed voice commands.

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Thermostats for Alexa

The connection is pretty simple: you say “Alexa, change the temperature” and Amazon's voice assistant handles the rest. In short, turning your heating on and off will be done with a sentence by setting the desired temperature in the room.

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Smart Hub per Alexa

Finally, there are devices known as "smart hubs" that can act as a kind of home base for all the different devices in your home. While many of these devices can respond to independent commands (“Alexa, change the temperature,” for example), smart hubs can simultaneously control all these devices at the same time to create “environments”. Say you just woke up - you can tell your Alexa “good morning” and the smart hub will turn on all the lights in your house, put on the thermostat, turn on the coffee machine with a single voice command.

Smart hubs are only useful if you already have several of the other devices listed above connected to your home.

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