How to hide the last WhatsApp login

You are new to the app and don't know how to hide the last WhatsApp login. Don't worry, we are here. Among the applications we use the most during the day, WhatsApp is the one who drives them all. An app we always keep in touch with while we have one Internet connection. And here we will teach you how to hide your latest WhatsApp connection, read on.

The app has a large number of features that have been added over time and one of them is the ability to hide the last connection. The problem with many users is when they don't want to show their last connection.

Therefore, what we will do in this article is to teach you two methods of knowing how to hide your last connection with WhatsApp. We will look at two methods that have positive and negative things. After this, you decide which one to use.

In order to implement these methods, it is not necessary to have a great knowledge of Android, nor is it necessary to root the device to perform what we will tell you a little below.

Anyone with little knowledge can hide the last WhatsApp connection in seconds. So we will see in detail the options that we propose below and you will decide which of the two suits you best.

How to hide the last WhatsApp login

The first method is the one provided by the options itself by the application. For this we will simply have to go to "Settings”By pressing on the three points at the top right. Then we will go to "Account"And then on"Privacy".

If we look at all the options we will see “Last Accessed” a pop-up window opens and we have three options. If we don't want anyone to see our last connection, we simply select none. The problem is, we won't be able to see our friends' latest connection either.

Hide the last login and see that of others

For this we must have among the options "Privacy”The latest connection so that everyone can see it. So in case it is configured for anyone, we recommend that you change it before continuing.

To do this we will need to install an application called Flychat which can be obtained by following this link or in the Play Store itself through its search engine.

What happens with said application is that every time a new message arrives we will be able to reply to it from Flychat without using WhatsApp at any time. What is this for us? Basically the last connection will not be updated as we have not logged into WhatsApp.

The only problem is that when we want to check the last connection of our contacts, we will have to access the application. This means that when we do this, our last connection will also be updated.

As you will see, both methods have their good and bad sides. However, it will be up to you to decide which of the two is more convenient to meet your needs depending on what you need.

At the moment this is not possible hide the last connection and at the same time see the latest connections from your contacts. Therefore, this method is the most reliable of all. It may not be a permanent solution, but it is the best we have today.

In any case, if you know other methods for hide the last WhatsApp connection, please tell us a little further down in the comment box. We hope you have learned how to hide your last connection on WhatsApp. Read also how to free up space on WhatsApp quickly and easily.

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