How to locate a person by chatting on Facebook & WhatsApp

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How to locate a person by chatting on Facebook & WhatsApp, today we are here with a very cool trick to track the location of any person chatting on Facebook / WhatsApp. If we want to know the location of the person you are chatting with on Facebook / Whatsapp, keep reading this guide.

We have three different ways to achieve this, depending on your abilities, choose the one that suits you best.

How to locate a person by chatting on Facebook & WhatsApp

Track the IP of the person on Facebook chat using command prompt

1 Phase. First of all, start chatting with your friend whose location you want to get and make sure that all other applications and background processes are stopped. Now press Win + R on your keyboard.

2 Phase. Now type cmd and press enter.

3 Phase. Now, in the command prompt that appears type netstat -an and hit enter.

4 Phase. Now write down the person's IP address.

5 Phase. Now you need to scan that IP address to know the current location of the person go to to check the location.

Create a link to track the location of any person

1 Phase. First of all, create a free hosting account on one of these sites: Hostgator Fr. My3gb.000webhost and log into your account and go to File Manager. Now download the zip file from the following address: and download it to your computer.

2 Phase. Now extract the file and you will see three files in the extracted folder.

3 Phase. Now upload all three files to the main folder (public_html) of your hosting account's file manager.

Step 4. Now send your hosting link to the person you want to track (your link will be like etc).

5 Phase. Now the trace will be saved in the file log.txt of the main folder, go to see the file to have the tracking of the person whose position you want to locate.

Use InspectLet

This service will help you find out the person's IP address during a chat on any social networking site. This service tracks everything a person visits on a website, images viewed, location tracking, etc.

You just need to register on InspectLet and once you log into the service, it will provide you with the tracking code, and you will need to install the tracking code on a web page.

After installing the tracking code, simply send the link to the victim and have them open the link. Let him log all activities along with the IP address and other details.

With these methods, you will come to know the exact location of the person you want to check and make sure you know if the person you are interacting with is real or fake.

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