Who has visited my Facebook profile recently?

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Who has visited my Facebook profile recently? There is a way in which you can find out who has visited our Facebook profile recently. Yes, this trick works perfectly and we found it right on the internet.

Whether it's a profile of a friend or a hacker trying to spy on your account. From today it is possible to know who has visited your profile.

If you have any doubts about a specific person who is trying to know your private Facebook information, with this tutorial you can know right away. This tutorial was created for informational purposes only.

There are a lot of fake tips on the internet, but this one has worked very well. We tested it and the results were correct, to find out who has visited your Facebook profile recently follow the instructions.

Who has visited my Facebook profile recently

  • Access the Facebook page
  • Right click on any blank space on the page and you will get pop up that says “View Page Source”. Click on the one written.
  • Now start the search using the “Ctrl + F” keys.
  • In the search box that appears at the top right, write the word: “list”. (As it is written here)
  • Keep searching until after the word “list” do not start to appear a slew of numbers like “4056688760-2”. (The hyphen with the next number should not be copied)
  • These numbers are the Facebook IDs of all users who have visited your profile, starting with the most recent to the oldest visitor.
  • To view the person's profile, just copy the ID number and paste it after the 'facebook /' web address in the link below and hit enter, as in the example: http://www.facebook.com/1234567890. 

I recommend that after the ID of the last user who visited your Facebook page, a dash with a number appears, that must absolutely not be copied.

You did! Enjoy your privacy and all the security you want. 😉

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