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    Download and share Facebook videos on WhatsApp

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    How to share a Facebook video on Whatsapp. Here's how it's possible download and share Facebook videos on WhatsApp. The Facebook team is doing everything possible to compete with Youtube. If you see the stats, you can see that Facebook is doing a good job. While we can't deny the fact that YouTube has a larger library of video content.

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    It is said that 85% of videos shared on Facebook comes from third party sources. Also, there is one more thing if you want share a video from Facebook with other sources it's not that easy. So today we will share several methods for share Facebook videos on WhatsApp.

    We all know that WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook Inc. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp. The weird thing is that there hasn't been a third-party app released yet. The only method available is to share a video link. Also, you can download videos from Facebook and share them with other users.

    Download and share Facebook videos on WhatsApp

    Below are the best methods we have found so far for share Facebook videos on WhatsApp. Let's start now.

    Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp on PC:

    • apri Facebook on your PC. Now right click on the video you want to share on WhatsApp.
    • Now click on shows the video URL e copy it.
    • Go up e glued the link in your contact's chat.

    Method 2:

    • apri e paste the copied URL of the Facebook video.
    • Click the button download button to download the video from the specified URL.
    • Once the video is downloaded, open and share it with your contacts.

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    Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp on Android (Root):

    • First, you need to run the root del your Android device. You can visit our Root section to root your device if you haven't.
    • After rooting your device, you need to install the Xposed Framework.
    • Then you need to install the Xposed One Tap Facebook module and also Xposed One Tap Download.
    • Time active the Xposed modules and reboot the device.
    • Open theFacebook app and you will notice that when you come across a video you will see theicon of un ditto in the left corner of the status bar.
    • When you see the finger icon, pull down the notification bar and you will see three options Download, Play or Open. Tap on Download.
    • You will receive one notifies after the video is downloaded, you can now easily share this video on WhatsApp.

    Share Facebook videos on WhatsApp on Android (without root):

    • First, you need to download and install theWhatsapp FB Video Downloader. Click on Video Downloader for Facebook.
    • Launch the app and you will be presented with the Facebook mobile website .
    • Sign in with your account Facebook.
    • Once logged in, you will see that every time you see a video instead of starting it shows you three options. (Watch, download, cancel).
    • All you have to do is tap on download for free to download the video to your device.
    • Once the video has been downloaded, you can easily share it on WhatsApp.

    This app can also work on a Root device, so if you don't feel like installing Xposed modules, you can try FB Video Downloader.

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