Android how to change keyboard: procedure and the best on the Play Store

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Android how to change keyboard. There are plenty of keyboards for Android. Just go to the Google Play Store and search for a generic term like "keyboard" o "Keyboard" to find hundreds, both free and paid, which is why I tell you to be very careful before downloading one.

Android how to change keyboard: procedure

To activate and set up a keyboard that has just been downloaded from the Play Store:

  • settings (the gear icon)
  • select the item Language and input
  • voice Current keyboard
  • select the option Choose keyboards
  • put the check mark next to the name of the keyboard to be activated
  • reply OK the security warning that appears and goes back to the Input Language menu.
  • Finally, press again on the voice Current keyboard and put the check mark next to the name of the keyboard you want to use as the default keyboard.

Android the best keyboards on Play Store

  • Google keyboard - this is the Android "stock" keyboard, which unlike a few years ago is very reliable and comfortable to use. It does not include particularly advanced features but it works very well and also supports gestures, i.e. typing through gestures.
  • SwiftKey - is one of the most popular free keyboards in the Android world. It allows you to type texts without ever taking your hands off the screen through a system that intelligently recognizes words as the user swipes the letters, provides "smart" suggestions for the automatic completion of texts and integrates with external services. like Facebook and Twitter to better understand the user's way of writing.
  • Fleksy - another "smart" keyboard that allows you to type texts without ever taking your finger off the screen. It has a minimal appearance and uses gestures in a very interesting way, that is, it allows you to delete written words, move in the text and perform other operations with simple gestures on the keyboard surface.
  • Minuum Keyboard - very special keyboard that can be set up to have all the letters on the same line. It is free for the first 30 days, then you pay a one-time fee of 1,99 euros.
  • ai.type - another very popular keyboard that focuses heavily on customization. It offers many themes, can be resized and includes a handy search function to find items of interest to you. Also of note is the advanced support for gestures, support for the automatic completion of words and the inevitable support for emojis. It's free but includes items to unlock through in-app purchases.
  • Chrooma Keyboard - the ideal keyboard for those who pay attention to the look of Android. As its name also suggests, Chrooma Keyboard has the peculiarity of automatically adapting to the context and changes its colors according to the predominant colors in the app in which it is used. It also includes support for emojis and gestures, but these are obviously not its best features.
  • Kika keyboard - a keyboard that focuses on emojis, stickers, symbols and animated GIFs. It offers many cute themes that you can install to make the keyboard experience even more varied and fun. It's free with some in-app purchases.


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