Fulfillment by Amazon: what it is and how it works

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What is Fulfillment Amazon

Fulfillment Amazon is a service that offers a series of management solutions designed to allow Amazon sellers to market their products more easily and quickly throughout Europe. Amazon sellers choose FBA when they want to increase revenue without investing in logistics - they can go from nationwide sales to Europe-wide sales in a matter of days.

Fulfillment by Amazon: how it works and rates

Fulfillment Amazon Benefits

FBA offers are automatically displayed with the Prime logo, so Prime shoppers can easily locate and add products to their cart. By signing up for FBA, your products will also be offered with the Prime logo. In addition, all FBA products are marked with the “Fulfilled by Amazon” logo so buyers know that Amazon handles packaging, delivery, customer service and returns. Shoppers across Europe prefer to purchase products that are fulfilled directly by Amazon.

When you offer your products with FBA, you are more likely to get the Buy Box because your offers show the guaranteed delivery date message.

By allowing Amazon to take care of the management and storage of your products, you can successfully manage your online business without having to create your own logistics system. With the new Pan-European FBA program, you can go from nationwide sales to international sales in days, without having to set up your own management system.

Customer satisfaction is Amazon's top priority; therefore, your shoppers will enjoy excellent customer support, available 24/24 in the marketplace's local language, gift wrapping services and returns management at no extra cost to you and in compliance with standards Amazon.

When you sign up for FBA, you can start leveraging Amazon's European fulfillment capabilities right away. There are no subscription fees, contracts or minimum inventory requirements. Check out the FBA pricing.

Its fulfillment centers across Europe are built with your inventory requirements in mind: your products can then be stocked close to where your buyers are, ready to be shipped within days. Let Amazon collect, package, and ship ordered products to shoppers so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. Send your selected FBA products to our fulfillment centers, in the quantity you want and at the competitive rates offered by our affiliated couriers.

How Fulfillment Amazon Works

  • While each Amazon seller is solely responsible for VAT compliance, Amazon provides you with useful information to help you navigate the various VAT regulations within the European Union. This assistance includes the provision of contacts to receive tax advice with pre-agreed discounted rates.

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