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Now the Stories they are part of the habits of many people: whether they are those of Instagram or those of Facebook, it is difficult to give them up when you have the urge to show or tell something about yourself. But what are the differences between the two proposals?

Le Instagram Stories they are characterized by a higher number of options, but also by a greater variety of formats: those who use them can count on stickers and gifs of all kinds, and it is also for this reason that they favor more interactions. In this sense, Facebook is somewhat behind.

Instagram o Facebook?

And so, while the Instagram stories progress and become more and more evolved, with the gradual addition of a greater number of tools, it seems that Facebook is forced to chase, but without too much conviction.

There are those who hypothesize that in the not too distant future the two channels may be integrated with each other, but other insiders think that, instead, the two proposals will be more and more differentiated, to meet different needs.

For now the dominance of Instagram is clear, and this is why it is worth analyzing it.

Why are Stories used?

Who wants to know how to increase followers on Instagram finds an answer precisely in the Stories: this is where, for example, the funniest contents are shared. But in many cases, Stories are a valuable tool that is used wisely by companies and by public figures.

The celebrities of the show, the fashion bloggers, the so-called influencers, the singers and the actors take advantage of the immediate and instant character of the Instagram Stories to start and maintain a constant relationship with their followers.

If in the past fans limited themselves to watching their favorites only on television, or at most through the videos posted on Youtube, today their presence is within reach of your smartphone: you no longer need to read an interview with them in a newspaper or wait to listen to it on the radio, because it's all online.

How Stories Work

The Stories ensure that each of us has the opportunity to enter the homes of famous people, so as to discover their most private aspects and their more intimate habits. Not only that: followers have the possibility to react, and therefore in a certain sense interact, through emoticons or with real messages, in response to a video or a photo.

As for companies, then, each brand establishes a relationship with its target audience that develops on the basis of trust andengagement. The value of storytelling is increasingly highlighted, and there is no brand that does not choose to tell its story, without filters and in the most effective way possible.

A direct marketing channel

In this scenario, Instagram Stories take on the function of a real one marketing channel direct: companies also use it to get in touch with customers and with who could be a potential buyer, thanks to links and swipe ups for the quick purchase of the various items that are put on display.

Some customers suggestions and opinions, advice and expectations, needs and complaints, expectations and recommendations can be listened to - or, better said, read. Every single aspect plays a decisive role in making the best selling offer.

Unpublished social relations 

Finally, we cannot overlook the change that the Stories have brought from the point of view of social relations: thanks to them you can stay in contact with people in different ways than what happened in the past.

La frequency with which normal posts are published on Instagram has been surpassed by that with which Stories are posted, which lasting a maximum of one day invite you not to feel too responsible for the messages that spread or what you communicate.

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