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    How to create animated GIFs to send with WhatsApp

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    How to create animated GIFs to send with WhatsApp? You can send a GIF with WhatsApp in many different ways. And if you have an Android phone or an iPhone, that's much better since both operating systems have the ability to send GIFs to your contacts in an easy way. But, did you know that you can also create your own animated images to share?

    In WhatsApp a GIF can be sent in two different ways: from the internal memory of the phone, in that case it is necessary to have the animated image downloaded to the device, or through the GIPHY service, which in some versions and is completely integrated into the application.

    We have already talked about how to send a GIF from WhatsApp, but now we want to have fun, this time we want to focus on a procedure that will allow you to create your GIF and share it through this application.

    There are many sites where you can download GIFs: we have the famous GIPHY site, which is the reference point for downloading all types of animated images, the others are less known (but no less recommended) such as Tenor, GIF-Finder or IMGFlip. And there are some mobile apps that do this too.

    How to create animated GIFs to send with WhatsApp

    The simplest thing when you want to send a GIF via WhatsApp is to use the search engine inside the application: open a conversation, click on the emoticon icon (or the "+" icon in the case of iPhones), enter the "GIF" section and select the animated image you want to share with all those in the database.

    It may happen that you don't find the image you are looking for or that you prefer, for example creating a GIF from a video on your phone. In all of these cases, you need to know that WhatsApp has the tool you need.

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    How to create an animated GIF with WhatsApp?

    Create an animated GIF with WhatsApp it's very simple: the application itself has the necessary option, all you need is to have saved in the internal memory the video from which you want to create the animated image. Assuming what you want is to create an animated image from a video, do the following:

    1. Open the application WhatsApp.
    2. Open the chat you want to send a message to and click the icon to attach a file.
    3. Click on the “Gallery” option to attach a video from your mobile.
    4. Choose the video you want to convert to GIF and click on it.
    5. Now, look at the top right of the application - you should see a button that allows you to choose between theicon of the video e the GIF icon. If you click on the second option, you can share the video in animated image format.
    6. Now that you have the converted video, you just need to click the "Send" button.

    Unless you want to make changes to more complex images, you won't have much more options to create a GIF from scratch than creating it from a video or, as we'll explain in this section, create an animated image from several images.

    For this you will have to download some of the applications created for this function, and you have many for both Android and iOS. Choose the one you like best and follow the instructions the app shows you.

    You also have the option to use online tools that do not require any installation. If so, we recommend this website. Once you have created the image with the created animation, you just need to share it with WhatsApp using the procedure we explained earlier.

    We just finished talking about how to create animated GIFs to send with WhatsApp. How do you do? Do you use the method recommended in the article?

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