How to remove authorized apps on Instagram

How to remove authorized apps on Instagram

How to check, manage and remove authorized apps on Instagram? There are many ways your Instagram account could be compromised. And giving access to malicious third-party apps is one of them. This is exactly how some 87 million Facebook users unknowingly “donated” their private information in the famous Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal. In this post, we will walk you through the different ways to control, manage and remove authorized or unauthorized apps from your Instagram account.

While some of these apps are safe (especially those owned by Instagram - Boomerang, Layout, etc.), third-party apps that aren't affiliated with or supported by Instagram cannot be fully trusted. Instagram also warns of the potential harm that some third-party apps can cause. If they are granted access to your Instagram account, for example, a (malicious) app can read your direct messages (DMs), get information about your contacts, spam your page, etc.

If you've linked certain apps to your Instagram account in the past, that's fine; you don't need to take Xanax drops. You probably weren't aware of the security risks you were subjecting yourself and your contacts. Thankfully, you can easily check the apps you previously authorized to access your Instagram account. We will walk you through the steps in the following paragraphs. Also, we will show you how to remove or disconnect an app from your Instagram account.

How to remove authorized apps on Instagram

You can follow these solutions on your mobile phone and computer. However, as most Instagram users are likely to log into their accounts from a smartphone, we'll start with the mobile app. The steps remain the same on Android and iOS.

How to remove authorized apps on Instagram from your phone

  1. Tap the profile picture in the lower right corner of the Instagram app to launch the profile menu.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu icon to view more profile menu options.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Select Security from the Settings menu.
  5. In the "Data & History" section, tap the "Apps & Websites" option.
  6. Tap Active. This would reveal all the apps that have currently authorized access to your Instagram account along with other details such as the authorization date.
  7. If you find an app you don't trust or don't remember authorizing, tap the Remove button to revoke its access.
  8. A dialog box will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the action. Tap Remove to confirm the action.

It's that simple. With this method, you can remove the access of any app connected to your Instagram account. Now let's see how you can do the same using a web browser.

How to remove authorized apps on Instagram from PC

  • Log into your Instagram account from any browser on your computer.
  • On the home page, tap the Profile icon to access your Instagram profile page.
  • On your account / profile page, tap the gear icon.
  • Tap "Apps & Website" in the pop-up menu. This will take you to your account login management page where you can view apps and websites that you have authorized to access your Instagram account. For each app connected to your account, Instagram will show some additional details such as information about the app, as well as the date you authorized the app to access your account.
  • To remove an authorized app from your Instagram account, simply tap the Remove button right below the app.
  • In the confirmation pop-up, tap Remove to proceed.

And this is all. The app will no longer have access to new data and information from your Instagram account.

NOTE: if you remove an app from your Instagram account, it may still have access to some (old) information previously shared while it was still authorized on your account.


  • If you suspect an app is selling / storing / stealing your account information, we recommend revoking the app's access to your Instagram account and deleting your account on the app's website or within of the app.
  • If you have accidentally removed an app from your Instagram account, you can re-authorize the app. Just launch the app on your phone or visit the app's website on a browser, select the Instagram login option or “Login with Instagram”, feed your Instagram account credentials and authorize the app.

Before authorizing an app on your Instagram account, read all the information that the app requires access to. If you haven't checked the app requirements and permissions, it's not too late. Follow the steps listed above to check the authorized app details and remove any unauthorized or untrusted app. As an added layer of security, we also recommend that you change your Instagram password after removing an app from your account. You know how it is, to be sure.

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