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We tell you how you can save data and spend less money on phone top-ups when you upload photos and videos to the Instagram application with these simple tricks. Instagram is becoming one of the most used communication tools in the world.

What was once a rival to Facebook, within the Mark Zuckerberg company, is diversifying his way of contacting our friends.

However, this implies a greater consumption of data.

The apps of the Facebook ecosystem don't really stand out for their efficiency when it comes to consuming less data, but fortunately there are some configurations that we can also do within the application itself.

Turn off automatic video playback

Almost all social applications play videos by default when we install the application. To save some MB we can change this functionality. Go up Settings (the three dots in the upper right corner), look for the Settings insert Mobile data use and changes from Default to Use less data.

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Lower the quality of your photos when you upload them

In addition to avoiding watching videos automatically, we can save the data by uploading our photos with less quality. For this we have to open the menu Settings and there, in the Configuration, let's change the Quality normal to basic.

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Watch the stories from the browser

The penultimate trick we offer you is to save a few megs when watching stories not from the application, but from the browser.

The reason is that if we do that, the app won't play all the clips by default, but will wait until we let them go in each post, so we won't have to reproduce them all if we don't want to.

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Upload stories with Wifi

Lastly, we tell you that it is possible to limit the use of Instagram data on the move, in case you want to upload a story but you can wait until you are connected to a nearby Wi-Fi network.

For this we go to the Settings of the telephone, Data Usage and there we go on usa mobile data. We seek Instagram and we point out that the application does not have access to the data.

This will allow us to post our stories from the application, but when you try to upload them they will not load until we connect to a Wifi network. As soon as we connect to a Wifi, our stories will be uploaded online automatically.

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