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    How to schedule WhatsApp message

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    Make yourself comfortable we are about to explain how to schedule WhatsApp message. You thought about sending your best friend happy birthday wishes, but at the wrong time. Texting a friend at a bad time may disturb them or they may just ignore you. Fortunately, there is an application that allows you to send WhatsApp messages at any time you want.

    You must only schedule the time you want to send a message on Whatsapp. It's free, you don't need to root Android and here we will tell you how to use and schedule messages to be sent automatically on Whatsapp.

    That WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence, does not mean that it is perfect. Many users of the platform have been waiting for new features which, for some reason, Facebook is reluctant to implement.

    One of these is programming or automatic sending of messages. It is true that very few messaging applications incorporate this functionality. Whatsapp may be the pioneer once ... Be that as it may, we must not forget that we are on Android, and thanks to the freedom offered by Google's operating system, we can find third-party applications and tools designed for almost any purpose. So, do you know what we bring you today? Effectively, the definitive tutorial for programming WhatsApp messages.

    Schedule messages to be sent whenever you want

    How to schedule WhatsApp message

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    The application is called SKEDit and allows you to program WhatsApp Business message and for WhatsApp. This app provides a very practical way to communicate with your friends or colleagues at the best time. Even if you often don't remember birthdays, you can schedule messages on Whatsapp and automatically send a greeting or birthday wishes to someone.

    Scheduling messages to be sent automatically is a very useful trick. Furthermore, it is easy and the application we will use is safe and free.

    Schedule messages to be sent automatically with Whatsapp

    Before starting, you need to know that SKEDit needs you to remove screen lock security. But that depends on how you want to send your messages.

    Installa SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls

    The first thing is download SKEDit from Google Play. If you cannot find the application with the shop search engine, you can use this link.

    Configure permissions

    After installing it, you need to open SKEDit and select WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp as the application. Here the application will ask for the access permissions, you must click on “Open configuration”, then search for and select SKEDit. Now a confirmation message will appear, click OK.

    Set the time and date of the messages

    After granting the application permission, you can create and schedule your messages for the desired date. To do this, you have to go to the WhatsApp Contacts tab at the top and choose who you want to send them to. You must enter the text or files you want to send in the blank field below the contact.

    Now it is necessary click on the Date fields and Time to set the time you want to program the automatic message. Best of all, you can click "Repeat every" to repeat the message every hour, day, week, month or year.

    Schedule automatic or manual messages?

    Before planning your message, you have to choose between sending messages manually or automatically. Of course, doing this automatically has the advantage of being sent only when you want.

    But this option can be a problem for some people since to send automatic messages, you must remove the security of the screen lock. This is not a good idea, since anyone can grab your phone and access anything they want.

    However, if you wish to continue, you need to click on Change screen lock and choose none in the setup menu that appears.

    Send scheduled Whatsapp messages

    This is the best option in terms of security. For schedule messages and send them manually, you need to select “Ask before sending” when scheduling the message. Next, select “Change notification settings” and then make sure all settings are enabled.

    Do you want to use WhatsApp on your Android tablet? Then read this tutorial on, how to install WhatsApp on your android tablet from google play.

    Once this method is activated, when it comes time to send the message, SKEDit will send you a notification and you just have to click on "Send" in the pop-up window. Although it is also possible to edit or delete the message.

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    And this is all. As you can see, it's a very simple process, but it can be useful on more than one occasion. However, it should be noted that the application has some shortcomings and that i Messages will not be sent if the mobile phone screen is off and there is some PIN, pattern or password unlocking method configured, but it will be sent once the screen turns on, as long as the scheduled time has elapsed.

    Unfortunately, this happens with all tools of this type, as long as they don't use superuser permissions… root!

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