How to view and delete Netflix ratings

How to view and delete Netflix ratings

The movies and TV series you rate on Netflix inform your recommendations. Here's how the algorithm works and how to see and manage your ratings.

Did you know that your Netflix homepage looks nothing like someone else's? This is because Netflix personalizes the content it shows you based on a recommendation algorithm. To oversimplify it, if you watch countless comedies, Netflix will highly recommend its latest stand-up special.

Part of how Netflix powers this algorithm is through the ratings you provide. That thumbs up or down is the key to determining what Netflix will advertise to you in the future. But what if you accidentally evaluate something wrong? Or do you want to view your past ratings?

We'll explore how these ratings power the Netflix algorithm and show you how to manage your previous Netflix ratings.

What is the purpose of the evaluation on Netflix?

You can give feedback on the shows and movies you watch on Netflix through a thumbs-up and thumbs-down rating system. Whatever device you use - desktop, mobile or smart TV - you can set a rating.

Netflix offers you ample opportunities to provide this rating. The most obvious position is when viewing the complete show / movie information. It can also appear when you pause something while viewing or when the credits roll.

Netflix wants your feedback because it powers the recommendation algorithm. You can also rate things you've never watched on Netflix, perhaps it's something you know you won't like, or have seen elsewhere (unfortunately, Netflix doesn't have a "watched" button).

However, the algorithm not only calculates your ratings. It also takes into account your view history, the time of day you watch, the devices you use, and how long you view. Then compare this to other members with similar tastes and title metadata like genre, actors, release year, and so on.

Essentially, every interaction you take on Netflix designs your homepage. The algorithm not only chooses the movies and shows to present to you in general, but also the order of the category lines and the order of the content within them.

So, you should evaluate as much as possible if you want to improve your Netflix recommendations.

How to manage your Netflix ratings

You can view everything you've rated from a single page. You can also edit or remove the rating in the same place.

This page is only accessible via the Netflix website (and not on the smart TV app, for example). While technically you can access it via the Netflix mobile app, it simply opens in your web browser.

To view and manage your Netflix ratings:

  • Go to the Netflix website.
  • At the top right, hover over the your profile picture .
  • click on Account .
  • Next to Profile and parental control , select your profile.
  • Next to Ratings , click your Immagine .

Here you will see all of your ratings, with the most recent at the top. To change your rating, click on thumbs up o down a as appropriate. You can also remove your rating; to do this, click on the X to the right.

You will notice that this page includes a Watch tab. Click here if you want to view Netflix viewing history.

Nowadays, Netflix only allows you to rate good or bad things. However, many years ago, you could rate on a five-point scale. If you were a Netflix subscriber when this was possible, you will see these star ratings listed. Note that you cannot change them, nor can you restore them if you delete them.

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