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In case you have forgotten your login credentials to the Roblox platform account, do not despair: there are some procedures that will allow you to recover your forgotten password, or to reset a brand new one.

How to recover password on PC
To start the password recovery procedure via PC, you will first need to connect to the main page of the Roblox site of the Roblox platform, and using the key Login access the authentication screen. Here you will notice an option that says Forgot password or username?: selecting it, a further screen will appear in which you will have to enter your email address connected to Roblox and, in the recovery options, select the campo Password, in such a way as to indicate that you are requesting the reset of your access key. Once this step is complete, select the Submit button and then OK.

How to recover the password on smartphones and tablets
The procedure for requesting the recovery of your password from your smartphone or tablet is very similar to the one just explained for the PC version of the game: the only difference is that, instead of having to access the official website of the platform, you will simply need to start the application from your device. Once in the main screen of the app, just press the button first Log in, and then select the option Forgot your password or username? From here on, the procedure will be exactly the same as for the PC version.

Whether you have started the recovery procedure using your PC or an Android or iOS mobile device, after a few minutes you will receive an email to the address entered in the appropriate field of the request, which will contain all the instructions necessary to change the password. In particular, within the email you will find a button called Reset Password: selecting it will open a password reset page, in which you will have to enter a new password and then press the Submit button. From now on, you will be able to log into Roblox using your old username (or email) and new password. However, remember that, from the moment you receive the email with the instructions for resetting your password, you will only have 60 minutes time to complete the procedure, after which the timer will expire and you will have to request a new reset email.

How to recover Roblox password without using email
In case you intend not to use your email to carry out the password recovery procedure, perhaps because you have forgotten the access credentials for your email box as well, know that you can reset your password in other ways as well . In particular, once you have reached the entry form where you will have to select the password recovery request, just select the option Use phone number to reset password, then enter your telephone number in the appropriate field (after having correctly set the telephone prefix of the country where you are). In this way, you will receive via SMS a code of 6 code to be entered in the Enter code field of the page that will appear after requesting the code: this will allow you to verify your identity and proceed with setting a new password.

This procedure is substantially identical also with regard to smartphones and tablets. Remember that there is no way to reset a new password without using an email address or phone number.

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