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    How do I play the Roblox "Favorite" game? - What is it about?

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    And is that, in order to fully know Roblox, you should do thousands of tutorials (like what are the best Battle Royale Roblox games), as there are many worlds every player should try because of how good they are. But, since there is no time for that, today you will learn about one of the best titles ever created on this platform.

    What is "What do you prefer" about?

    Before you can know the answer to the question How to play Roblox game 'What do you prefer?', you have to know what it is. So that there is no confusion and you don't end up wasting time on something you don't like at all.

    This mini game or game will put you in your avatar's shoes and allow you to choose between two random questions. These questions will be asked on blue and red screens, which are facing each other separated by a large corridor.

    To choose the most suitable choice for you, you have to walk towards the screen and stand under it on the floor of the same color, when the choice time ends the players will become part of the side of the color they have chosen and will have for eliminate for opposites.


    Usually the questions are very exaggerated and are the opposite of each other, an example of these could be: Would you rather be rich but go bald? And the other, Would you rather be poor but with long hair? (these always vary).

    There can be up to 15 people on a server for this game and you can play with any friend. The fun is to stand up to them and fight for your ideals to prevail (the user gets a stick or a sword to hit the other).

    There will always be a wait time of at least 30 seconds between questions, so you can also build a strategy with others to win if you want, although the right thing to do is to tell the truth whenever you can.

    How to play the Roblox game "Which do you prefer"?

    Now that you know all of the above about the game, you can proceed with the process that will help you get it and answer the question How to play the Roblox game "What do you prefer?" The first thing you need to do is create your account on the official Roblox page.

    When you get it, you have to enter the game by name in your linked browser, or even within the same page in the search engine. Keep in mind that there are two variants: the original one, which is English and is called pick a side, and the Spanish one, which would be What do you prefer?

    Regardless of which one you choose, you just have to go to its section within the Roblox page and press the green button with the white arrow in the center. This will get you to download and install Roblox. Once this is done, go back to the page and press the button again.


    With this action you should already be in the game, hence the question How to play the Roblox game "What do you prefer?" has been resolved. All that remains is to go to your account and start following the instructions so you can play easily.

    If you want to become the best, then you should download a complement that allows you to have the autoclick for Roblox games, which will help you move faster and have more accuracy (if you want to improve even more you can also find how to run faster in Roblox).

    Remember that there are rules in every game, so try not to get annoyed on the server and don't break any rules. Otherwise you can be expelled or reported (which can become a ban). It's always best to keep a healthy competitive attitude, if that's clear to you then go play.

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