How Can I Run Faster On Roblox - Tutorial To Run On Roblox

Stay with us so you can learn in just a few steps how to do this simple and useful movement for escape from the police or you want to show your friends who runs fastest of all.

What do I need to run fast?

Before you can perform this trick, you need to go to the official Roblox store, in the section where you trade your robux for accessories for your avatar. There you have to look for the penguin body and we will gear up with it to start a new game on a server.

It is important that the map you choose to play is a city that contains flat surfaces (a little extended, i.e. long) so that you can take this trick and practice it so many times so that you learn how to do it whenever you want and get out quickly without leaving a trace, which can work amazingly with the trick of crossing The walls.

What should I do to run in a penguin costume?

It is important to remember that for this trick to work properly, we need to purchase the penguin body to start practicing and performing this trick.

We suggest you enter the world of " JAILBREAK »To start with the practice, and in the same way you should go to a street or avenue that is clear and in this way you are not interrupted.

Now you just have to squat on the floor and jump! In this way, your avatar will start sliding along the ground and you will see that in a few seconds you will gain more and more speed.

By doing this trick, you have to be careful with sidewalks and dirt roads, because it will slow you down and you will lose speed, so you have to crouch and jump again to start running and moving at high speed.

Doing this trick with others will attract the attention of many players on the server as it is an unusual body to observe and with basic animation that will make you look funny when walking, but with what other players will not count on. is, with the super speed.

Another curiosity that this body has is that it can exceed the speed of the car "Bugatti" is a high performance car designed for sports racing, to develop high speeds on flat surfaces or on racing circuits.

So, using this trick, you will be a kind of " Bugatti penguin »Which can run away at high speed, even being admired by other players on the server who will want to follow the trick you are doing.

What are the benefits with the penguin body?

With this body you can rob the bank or the museum and you can escape in a matter of seconds evading the police and they will not be able arrest you, they will do their best but they will not succeed. Since then, go so fast that not even bullets will hit you.

Likewise, you won't need to use a car, because you are the fastest car; just remember that to activate this simple trick is: lower your avatar, jump and press "W" o directional upwards (it all depends on how you have configured your computer keyboard) and start scrolling the map.

A disadvantage of this trick is that jumping on ramps is complicated as you go at high speed and faster and faster. So, you can do this as long as you have enough speed to jump off ramps.

Likewise, you have to be careful going so fast because you can hit a car and die trying, so go fast but carefully. In this practice you will be the best at running in narrow streets and have fun with the hustle and bustle you will cause on the map.

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