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    How to add background music Whatsapp Status

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    Among the many who have contributed to reshape the telephony sector, WhatsApp is certainly among the first. This messaging service alone is responsible for destroying SMS and even international phone calls to a limited extent.

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    Well, jokes aside, WhatsApp is a boon to humanity and the state that magically disappears after 24 hours is beautiful. These video / image-based messages allow users to say what they want in the best possible way.

    WhatsApp Status allows you to share snippets of your life in the form of tastefully crafted images and captions.

    I think the ability to record videos is great, however it is a little sad not to be able to add the music of our choice as a background to that video. This is a big deal, isn't it? The quickest and happiest answer is no, it isn't. You can add your songs to a WhatsApp status while recording with the camera. Yes, during live recording!

    But how to do it? In this post we will talk about all the ways you can add your songs to your WhatsApp status and embellish them even more.

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    As mentioned above, it is possible to add music to the WhatsApp status while registering through the app itself. However, there is a slight twist in this story.

    WhatsApp allows you to record audio along with video for status. Now, all you have to do is use this feature to your advantage and add your favorite music to the status. That's how:

    1 pass- Use any music player app on your phone and play the song you want to use as background music for WhatsApp status. To do this, you can even use an online music app. Make sure you are playing the song through the speaker and not with wired or wireless headphones.

    Step 2: now, open WhatsApp while the song is playing in the background. Go to the state and start registering your state. Make sure your music is playing at maximum volume level. This way, you can ensure better music quality for your state.

    3 passOnce you are done recording, quickly preview your recording, and if everything is in the right order, hit the green arrow below and let everyone drool over your new status.

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    While the aforementioned method works brilliantly, adding music via a third party app is better and ensures better audio quality as well.

    Our favorite tool is the InShot video editor. It has the right amount of features for making custom videos and gets the job done in no time. Now, to add music to your statuses using this app, do the following:

    • Download Inshot Video Editor

    1 pass: Use the phone to register the status. Anything you'd like to show your friends. Don't worry about the music now, as we will add the melody separately.

    Step 2: After you finish recording the video, open the InShot Video Editor app and import the video.

    Step 3: Open the music you want to use and when done, select the appropriate music volume level. If you want, you can also choose to fade the music at the beginning and end, just to add a professional touch to your video. When done, save the video to your phone.

    4 pass: Open WhatsApp, go to your status and add the video you just created. It would be best to preview the video before posting and if everything is the way you like it, share it and let your friends envy your new status.


    WhatsApp has a little built-in functionality. Whenever you record a small video using the app, it gives you the option to save it as a GIF file.

    Even though GIF files don't have audio, however, they're a great way to show your creativity. Try these features and let us know your experience in the comments below.

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