How to read WhatsApp messages offline

How to read WhatsApp messages offline

How to read WhatsApp messages offline. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world. There are some unique features that make WhatsApp so popular. One of these features are double ticks.

Each time a message is sent, the sender can see a check mark and when the message has reached the person and has been downloaded to the smartphone, the sender can see double ticks. But the most interesting thing is when they turn blue. When the recipient reads the message, the sender may find blue double ticks.

This functionality is technically called a received message. In this article we will see how to read WhatsApp messages offline. The most searched query on search engines regarding WhatsApp is how to turn off those blue ticks, because we don't want to let others know if we have read their messages.

In other words, we want to read received messages without notifying the sender. The obsolete solution - by deactivating the checkmarks for successful reading. One of the worst ways to prevent someone from seeing if you've read the message is by turning off the feature that turns off double blue ticks when someone else reads the messages you've sent. Whats App Settings> Account> Privacy> Disable Read Receipt.

How to read WhatsApp messages offline

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This is a big compromise and not really worth it. There is a new way to disable the blue ticks so that the sender does not know that you have read his messages on Whatsapp.

The application that can do this impossible task is called Unseen - Hide and read allows you to read all messages without being "seen". It also works on Facebook Messenger and Viber. It is quite interesting to know how it works.

It intercepts the WhatsApp messages arriving on your device and secretly recovers all the WhatsApp messages and then shows them through the application. So it is You can watch the messages without opening WhatsApp and the blue ticks never appear.

This is very similar to WhatsApp's Incognito mode. You can also view incoming images and videos in a conversation. For this, you have to open the Conversations for the Invisible application and tap on the Media icon at the top to view the media files.

In case you are wondering, it is absolutely free, but it displays advertisements to support itself.

After installing the application, you need to go to the Settings on your smartphone and you will need to activate the application to allow access to WhatsApp messages in secret.

Whenever someone sends you a message, a heads-up notification will appear with the message once tapped you will be taken to the invisible application and you can continue your conversation there without being seen.

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