How to enhance your photos on Android with these apps that use AI

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Not many of us own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. So, is there any way to get AI camera features on Android phones? Well, there seems to be a way.

Here are the apps that will help you take better photos through your Android smartphone by adding artificial intelligence to your camera if it doesn't have it.


Selfissimo from Google brings a unique experience like a photo booth to your Android phone. All you have to do is point the camera towards you and move your face. Don't see the shutter button? Well don't worry. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play.

Selfissimo will take a photo every time it detects a different posture. And that's not all. The app will further motivate you with compliments. To stop the process, simply tap anywhere on the screen.

Once you click on the photos, you will end up with an elegant collection of black and white portraits. You can choose to save the entire template or decide to save the photos individually.

Download Selfissimo


Instead of focusing solely on scenes and selfies, Picai takes AI gaming to a different level. He studies the scene in front of the lens and suggests the appropriate filters, depending on whether it is an inanimate background or a beautiful scenery. He also tells you what the object is.

By default, this application recommends two filters. However, you are free to go for different ones if you are not satisfied. Scroll up to see new ones. Also, there is a small slider at the bottom with which you can adjust the intensity of the filters.

Also, this app will ask you for your preferences before starting. Then there is the option for manual detection. Just tap on the focus object and based on the color, the right effect will show up.

Scarica Pizzai


S Pro Camera unlike the apps above, this one attempts to replicate the AI-based scene recognition feature as seen in most high-end phones.

Just tap the subject to focus, the camera will analyze the scene and make the appropriate adjustments to the settings.

In addition to its ability to recognize scenes, this app also includes features like watermark, motion photo, and filters. You can also adjust the background bokeh in both the rear camera and the selfie camera. Or you can also choose manual mode.

Download S Pro Camera

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