App to speed up android

App to speed up android. In the event that there are general slowdowns during use, the problem could be due to the large number of data in memory, whether these are files, application data or services that work in the background.

App to speed up android and keep it clean it from unnecessary files

SD Maid

SD Maid will help you keep your device clean and tidy.
Offers a set of tools to manage apps and files.

Nobody is perfect and neither is Android.
The removed applications still leave some residue.
Logs, crash reports and other unnecessary files are created constantly.
The device archive collects unknown files and directories.
Don't make it happen… Let SD Maid take care of it!

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Delete junk files and unused apps to improve the performance of your Android device. Made by Piriform, authors of the most famous PC & Mac cleaning application in the world.

Ideal if your Android phone:

● Is it slow?
● Does it crash often?
● Doesn't it let you add new images or apps?

The CCleaner app will help you to:

Improve performance - your phone will be faster and smoother, free from all unnecessary
Get control of your phone - find out what takes up memory space and decide what you need
Eliminate the garbage - get rid of old Whatsapp and SMS messages, caches, call logs and other stuff you don't need. Choose whether to delete files selectively or in batch
Have a view of your apps - delete or disable the ones you don't use
Make free space - for the apps, music and photos you care about
Keep the files you want in memory - the app will not delete anything that you have not chosen

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Clean Master

Clean Master, optimizer for Android, to clean up junk files, antivirus, free and reliable for over 850 million users worldwide. Make your phone work like it's always brand new.

Clean Master helps to clean all types of junk files (photo, video, system, advertisement and cache memory), in order to free up memory space. Clean up unwanted notifications and free up RAM and improve the performance of your smartphone! Guarantees effective protection for your mobile phone with antivirus and AppLock functions. By detecting and eliminating viruses, Clean master protects your mobile from security and confidentiality problems.

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