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    How to make a collage on Instagram? Very easy

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    Currently Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. It is characterized by having a great visual appeal and be effective in making any type of publication regarding photos. Many people use this platform for advertise a brand or sell. However, an optimal solution for making publications more attractive is through collages.

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    If you are one of that percentage of people who still don't know how to make a collage on Instagram, this post is ideal for you. Since we will explain how to easily create a collage on instagram. We will also quickly teach you some of the most used applications for its realization.

    How to make a collage?

    As we explained from the beginning there are different ways and applications to create a collage. On this occasion the Pic Stitch program will be used. Because it is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

    The instructions you need to follow are:

    • Search in the app store of your phone the app Pic stitch. Then download and install it.
    • Then a open the program. On the home screen you will see two options: choose one of the models or create a new one. You have to choose one of the two.
    • Next, you need to click on the option for change the template and start by selecting a photo in each of the spaces.
    • Press twice in the empty space and immediately you can select any image in the gallery or take a photo.
    • The application will direct you directly all'editor in the photo. There you can attach or enhance the image. So it gives you a chance to save.
    • At the end of the process, you have the option to choose which social network or why you want to share it. In this sense you have to click on Social media and then on Instagram.
    • Finally, standing on the Instagram page, you have to go through the usual process of uploading the photos (in this case the collage).

    App to create collages on Instagram

    Instagram is a social network used by over 900 million users. Due to this there are several programs that allow you to publish collages in such application.

    Among the most used applications, we have:

    Layout from Instagram

    This application is known as the official to create collages for Instagram. Furthermore, of it is usually very easy and quick to use. Your creations are ready in minutes. It is available for Apple and Android.

    As for its use, it should be noted that it does not have many configurations to set. Since you only have to select the photos you want to publish and the program itself will be responsible for displaying a series of compositions. Therefore the user will have to choose the one he likes best.

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    Pic Collage

    This application is characterized by the ability to add backgrounds to photos, texts, drawings, place animations among other things. Furthermore, it is completely free and can be linked to Facebook and Instagram to select photos that have already been posted. This is also available for iOS and Android.


    Usually this application it is used for the creation of professional collages. Since it is a full featured and quality program. It allows you to edit, add effects, reduce opacity. Cut out elements from the background of the photograph that will be included in the collage, among other functions.

    It also has very peculiar features, as it allows the user to apply cuts to the photograph, placing any geometric shape or basic shapes. You can also add funds, sticker templates, chat bubbles, among others. Your creations are ready in minutes. It is available for Apple and Android.

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    It is a free application. which has a number of features; this makes it a professional tool. Its most important features are: photo editing, free composition and mosaic composition.

    • Edit photo: this option allows you to select a photograph separately and add filters, stickers or crop.
    • Free composition: through it you can select photos and place them on the canvas. Then you can modify with each of the functions offered by the application.
    • Mosaic composition: using this option, choose the photos that will be added to the collage. You can also select the template you want, edit it, add conversation bubbles, backgrounds, etc.

    Finally, it should be noted that each of these applications is free. Although there are many more tools that make collage creation possible, these are the most used. Since they have very comprehensive functions. Your creations are ready in minutes. It is available for Apple and Android.

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