How to become famous on Instagram

How to become famous on Instagram

How to become famous on Instagram? Instagram is a popular app that encourages users to follow each other and share photos, two actions that could make you feel part of the community. If you feel lost in the fog of anonymity on Instagram, don't worry. You can become famous by editing your account, developing your community and learning to tell stories with photos. Prepare for glory (or almost)!

Part 1 - How to become famous on Instagram - Develop your Instagram account

Choose a username that is catchy and easy to recognize. Ask yourself what kind of content you want to share with the world, then choose a name that represents that theme. Your name on Instagram will reflect your personality and you will attract many users who share the same interests as you.

  • If you're having a hard time finding a name that stands out from the others, try a name generator like
  • Don't be afraid to use sub-dashes (_) or other symbols, these can often visually enhance your name by making it easier to read. However, try not to enter more than one or two symbols so that other users can easily search for you.

Download an artistic profile photo. If possible, you should find a creative image of yourself (with no other elements) so that people can match a face to your name. If your goal is to become famous, you shouldn't feel embarrassed to make public some slightly personal things about this application.

Pick a theme. Think with your creative side about your hobbies and passions and try to focus your account content on this topic. Add interesting information on the profile page on your chosen theme and be sure to post relevant subtitles when uploading new photos.

  • Do you like food? Take pictures of your meals!
  • Are you a fan of fashion? Focus on colors, styles and trends.
  • Do you like a certain game or a series of books? Take creative photos before uploading them!
  • Do you only have eyes for a certain celebrity right now? You can dedicate your Instagram account to him. This way, you may also meet users who admire your own celebrity.
  • Do you like role-playing games? Instagram is a great place to do this. For example, if you like Naruto, you can play him or other characters and join other communities.

Put your all into it. Are there things you can share with the rest of the world? Good. By making sure your Instagram account is unique, you'll keep the attention and love of your followers, as they won't be able to find the same thing anywhere else.

Part 2 - How to become famous on Instagram - Share creative photos and videos

Find out how to manage filters. Play with it as if you were a professional, take lots of photos and use lots of filters. You will quickly notice how each filter can dim the light or increase the depth of certain colors. You can also preview the final result before sharing it, so if you are not convinced by the current one, you can try the next filter.

  • Solid colors and effects on most of your photos are a great way to develop a unique aesthetic. But be warned, your account could get tacky if you use too many different filters. To get an idea of ​​the result you want to get, you can do a search on the hashtag “#nofilter”.
  • Some Instagram users deliberately choose to never apply filters to enhance the natural beauty of their photo creations.

Use a separate photo editing application. Instagram filters are great, but let's be honest, they're pretty limited. There are other apps that allow you to get more depth on your photos. Install a recognized application and edit your photos to give them new life.

  • You can use an Instagram feature called "Boomerang" to create fun little picture-by-picture videos.
  • Also try Layout which allows you to combine several photos into a single photo to get a collage effect.
  • Also try VSCO Cam, Prisma, Aviary or Snapseed for excellent quality editing for your photos.

Take lots of photos, but post only the best. The first time you will definitely not capture the picture of the century, so you have to take several photos and make your choice later, at a later time. You just need to post the coolest and most creative photos to make your followers addicted to your account.

  • As with traditional photos, the quality of your photos for your Instagram account will only improve through practice. You will be able to improve by using the application regularly to take photos.

Express the artist in you. Experiment and add your own creative touch to photos. Try new angles, new combinations and new subjects in different landscapes and layouts.

Tell a long-term story. Use your account to piece together the elements of a creative, original and honest story. Let the suspense float in your photos so that your followers come back to your account to check for news.

  • For example, you can document your last trip, the countdown to a certain event, or your trip with your pet.

Always prioritize quality over quantity when you get better quality images. Spend more time editing a single image, instead of sharing many mediocre ones.

Add smart, creative and relevant subtitles to your photos and videos. You can add a touch of humor or sincerity. Maintain a good tone even if you only report information.

Use Instagram Stories to share good times. Taking a cue from Snapchat, Instagram has been allowing users to post photos and videos for a while that will disappear within 24 hours. Stories won't be recorded forever, so you can use them to share even things that don't fit in with the theme of the rest of your photos. These stories will appear at the top of the application page.

Part 3 - How to become famous on Instagram - Develop your community

Use hashtags. Pay attention to current trends and use hashtags with all your photos. Many app users search hashtags to find accounts to follow. When you use the correct hashtags, you allow users searching for the type of content you are posting to find you in the ocean of Instagram accounts.

  • For example, a person posting hiking photos might add hashtags #hikes, #amping, #nature, #mountains, etc.
  • A user who shares his designs could use hashtags #dessinateur, #artistessurinstagram, #crayonetencre or #femmeartiste.
  • There are popular hashtags on the app, such as #nofilter (for unfiltered photos), #flawless (when you're at the top of the image), #nochill (when your life goes crazy), and #tbt (for Throwback Thursday, a Thursday when users post old photos).

Follow other accounts. Find users who post photos you like and don't hesitate to add them to your following list. Try posting comments or content like theirs every time you use the app. It will be difficult to enter the world of Instagram without interacting with others and without exchanging likes.

Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. You probably already have friends who would like to follow you and see your photos. Follow your Facebook friends on Instagram and they will definitely return the favor.

Share the photos you post on the app on your other social network accounts as well. When posting a new photo, select the account you want to share it on before entering your username and password. This allows you to post the photo on these accounts and allow your fans on other platforms to follow you.

Post content that is only available on the app. While you can attract new subscribers by posting to Facebook or other social media, you need to keep some content to post only on Instagram. Remind your contacts on other social networks that you publish content only and exclusively on Instagram.

Encourage your subscribers to tag their friends. If you post something funny, write for example: "Tag three friends who would find it funny!". When people tag friends under your photo, they'll see it too and may then like you or start following your account.

Consider adding your location when posting a photo. This feature allows you to add a link to the top of your photos so that people can see where you are, so you can find more photos taken in the same place. This is a great way to attract new users, but remember that with this information you will tell everyone (and everyone) where you are. So avoid doing this when you are at home or in places you don't want to be found.

Part 4 - How to become famous on Instagram - Make your followers love you

Update your account permanently. According to statistics firm Union Metrics, brands that drop their post frequency are also seeing a rapid decline in their users. If people have signed up for your account, it's because they want to see its content. Therefore you should post regularly, always without exaggerating.

  • If you post more than two or three photos a day, use the stories to avoid invading your followers' home too much, they may get tired of you.

The discussion begins. When posting a photo, add a caption with a question you ask your subscribers. Make your question interesting or funny. The more answers you get to your question, the more popular your post will become.

Reply to people who comment on your posts. If you want to reply directly to a comment, type “@” followed by the user's name. Show everyone that you always have your feet on the ground and that you want to interact with your fans.
Mention other users in the captions. According to a study conducted on Instagram, posts that mention other accounts (such as @instagram) have 56% more comments and "likes" than others.

  • For example, if you take a photo in a restaurant, you can mention its name under the photo (e.g. @ lânequitousse).
  • If you see something that reminds you of another Instagram user, take a picture and post it with the name in the caption.

Increase your interactions with other users as people sign up for your account. Unless you are already famous, it takes time and energy to become a star on the NET. Increase the number of replies you give to comments, reply with direct messages and warm up your smartphone with lots of likes!

Organize a competition. If you have creative ideas and already have fans, you can increase your community by offering rewards in exchange for likes and new memberships to your account. Pick a prize that makes others want to win, share a photo on the app, and encourage your followers to join the game. When the competition is over, choose a random follower to give the prize to.

  • Encourage your subscribers to tag their friends so they can participate in the contest too.

Track your climb with a statistics app. Some websites such as Statigram,, and Iconosquare provide statistics that allow you to track your success on the web. If you realize that you have lost a significant amount of subscribers over a period of time, study the photos you have posted to understand what caused them to go elsewhere. If the number of views is indicated by the arrow after sharing a particular photo, try posting other similar images.

Some advices

  • Don't annoy others by insisting on getting new subscriptions to your account and lots of likes, nobody wants to follow such a pathetic user! Be patient and gradually your account will take off with followers and likes.
  • Stay yourself from the start. If you stay honest about what you do and what you like, people will want to know more.
  • When someone comments on your post asking you to mention it so you can reciprocate, try to accept if that's possible. Being mentioned often allows you to increase the number of followers.

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