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    How to schedule WhatsApp and Viber messages

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    WhatsApp and Viber, the two best unbeatable messaging apps that are so popular that they just replaced the regular SMS SMS, if we were talking about their popularity it probably should be talking about the acquisition WhatsApp facebook .

    The day since I installed WhatsApp on my mobile, I just stopped using SMS and using Viber to make calls via wifi at home.

    Seebye scheduler is one of those apps that allow you to schedule WhatsApp messages to be delivered in the future. So now there is no need to wake up in the night to wish someone their birthday just compose a text or picture and set the time and date for delivery.

    First Root permissions are required and therefore not everyone will appreciate this software. Secondly, the functionalities are:

    • Message programming
    • Programming of sending images
    • Works with WhatsApp and Viber
    • Repeat a command every 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks and more

    If you are interested in the download, here is the link:

    Google Play Store : Free : SeeBye Scheduler beta (Root)

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