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    How to silence someone on Instagram

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    How to silence someone on Instagram. It might be rude to unfollow a new colleague on Instagram. If you don't want to see someone's stories and posts, but want to keep texting, try silencing them. Here's how to mute someone on Instagram. When you deactivate a profile, Instagram does not notify you of your action. There are a couple of ways to silence someone's posts or stories (or both). Here is the first.

    How to silence someone on Instagram

    From the Instagram app for iPhone or Android, go to the profile of the person or page you want to deactivate.

    Here, tap on the "Next" button found at the top of the profile.

    From the menu that appears, tap the "Mute" button.

    Now tap the switch next to "Post" and "Stories". You won't see their posts on your feed, and their Instagram Stories will be hidden by default.

    If you just want to mute someone's Stories, you can tap and hold their profile icon from the Instagram Stories row at the top of the mobile app to open a menu.

    From here, tap the "Mute" button. Their stories will be deactivated and hidden instantly.

    If you want to mute someone when you find the post on the feed, tap the three-dot Menu button located at the top of the image.

    Here, you can choose the “Mute” option from the menu.

    Now, if you just want to mute their posts, select the “Mute Posts” option. If you want to mute their posts and stories, select the “Mute posts and story” option.

    How to unmute someone on Instagram

    Even when you've silenced someone, you can always go to their profile to see their posts and stories. If you want to unmute the sound, tap the “Next” button again from their profile, then from the menu select the “Mute” option.

    Now, tap the toggles next to "Post" and "Stories" to reactivate the Instagram profile.

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