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Let's see what happens when you hide comments on Facebook. Social media sites like Facebook are a great platform to catch up with friends. But it has also become a breeding ground for hate speech, personal attacks and more. These often make their way into your life via comments. One way to deal with them is to hide Facebook comments to put away unwanted stuff. But what happens when you hide comments on Facebook?

There are some unanswered questions such as can you just hide the comments on your posts? What about the posts you are tagged in? Can mutual friends see comments you have hidden?

That's why we've rolled up our sleeves to offer as much clarity as possible in hiding comments on Facebook. Let's start.

How to hide comments on Facebook

While there are billions of users on Facebook, we have seen that a good portion of people have yet to hide comments on their Facebook accounts. Then, when you come across your comment or someone's comment about your update, select the three-dot menu next to the comment and choose the Hide Comment option.

Comment text should fade or appear grayed out. You will notice the Find out option below which can be useful if you change your mind later.

The same steps will also work with smartphone apps. Press and hold the comment to see a popup with the Hide Comment option.

NOTE: do you see grayed out comments and don't remember hiding them? It is possible that these comments have been marked by the system as spam or have violated one of Facebook's policies.

What happens when you hide Facebook comments on your posts / page?

There are two scenarios. The first is where you posted a status update and someone commented on it. The second is when someone posts a comment about an update on your Page. When you hide a comment on your post / update, it will still be visible to the person who posted it and all of her friends.

The commentator and his friends can also continue the discussion. Only people in the commenter's friends list can view or interact with that comment. Nobody else can.

Hiding comments warns the commenter

The short answer is a resounding no. The commentator will never find out unless people start talking about it. Today, people are smart and often take screenshots of controversial comments that anticipate such a move. Be careful what you hide or delete. Read our take below on what type of comments you should hide if you're unsure.

What happens when you hide comments on Facebook with TAG

Let's say someone tagged you in a post you don't want to have anything to do with. So, ask your friend to remove your name or comment, but he / she won't listen because you're annoyed, and that's even more fun / satisfying.

You can also hide comments on updates you are tagged in and the treatment remains the same. Your friends won't be able to see him, but his would be and if you have mutual friends, they'll be able to see him too.

You can prevent people from tagging you or make each tagged post an approval process before it appears in your timeline. It's called Review and you can find it in Settings> Timeline & Tags at the bottom of the screen.

What kind of comments should you hide?

Hiding comments isn't always a good idea. I've already shared a reason above why users can take screenshots. Here is another and a better one. Let's say you're running a business page and people are commenting positively or negatively on your product or customer service.

If someone is dissatisfied with your service, try to figure out the problem or root cause and fix it. This will show the customer that you care and that no one is perfect. It only makes you human. Even some of the most respected and loved brands receive negative comments in the form of constructive criticism. Alright then.

What is not good is spam, abusive language, personal marketing or self-promotion, irrelevant links or images, inappropriate or adult content, or hate speech. You should always hide such comments and may even block them if they repeat the offense.

It is your right to protect yourself or your company's reputation but not at the cost of losing customers. This is a request for judgment and you must decide whether to react or respond.

Respond to comments instead of reacting to them where possible.

You don't want your customers to lose trust or think they're not transparent about your business. Transparency and honesty with customers definitely help build lasting relationships with customers.

You can also ask the customer to share their email ID or phone number via DM and remove the matter from the page. You cannot offer a solution immediately at all times. Some things take time and you don't want the affair lingering on Facebook for long.

Think before you act

Managing your social life online was supposed to be fun. It has instead become a chore and a headache in more ways than one. Social media sites suffer from countless problems and life has been ruined due to a single update or photos / videos. You need to treat comments carefully, especially if you are running a business page. The good thing is you can always find out a comment later.

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