Android how to free ram: the best apps on the Play Store

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Android how to free ram. For free up the RAM memory of the mobile phone in fact, you just need to download one of the applications that I will recommend; This will allow you to free the memory of the remaining processes. There are many applications that allow you to perform this kind of operations, if you want I can recommend some of the best.

The applications that I will recommend you for free up the RAM memory of the mobile phone they will then allow you to do some cleaning on your Android and iOS mobile phone.

Android how to free ram: the best apps on the Play Store

Memory Booster Lite (Android)

Memory Booster is an optimization tool for internal memory (RAM) for Android users. It is designed to help users solve various internal memory management problems and thereby speed up their device. Memory Booster defragments and recalls unused memory by terminating unnecessary processes / activities for the system.

CCleaner (Android)

One of the most famous and noteworthy applications used to free up the RAM memory of the mobile is CCleaner, Android mobile version of the popular Windows PC software.

It is in fact an application widely used by owners of an Android device that will allow you to free up the RAM memory effectively. Among the advantages of using this application there is the possibility of using the Application manager included, through which you can view the complete list of applications installed on your device, and then possibly perform a manual uninstallation.

Power Clean (iOS/Android)

Power Clean, a professional cleaning and optimization tool for Android, is the first choice of over 100 million users worldwide.

If you have an iOS device, I can explain how to free up the RAM of your mobile phone but you need to make some considerations first. What you need to know is that, having more restrictions on how apps work than Android, iOS (the iPhone's operating system) already manages the phone's memory quite efficiently. This means you can try free up RAM dyour iPhone but that you will get less satisfactory results.

If you have an iPhone without jailbreak, you can still try to free up the RAM of the device using the application Power Clean

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