How to activate WhatsApp without the verification code?

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Through this tutorial we see how to activate WhatsApp without a verification code. WhatsApp has become one of the best known messaging platforms al world. Currently, millions of people use this medium to communicate. That is why it constantly performs various updates in order to deliver improved service and safety to your community. In the latest versions she has developed a new method of verification.

When you download this social network and perform all the procedures that are asked of you, you receive a text message with a six-digit verification code on the mobile number entered. This for confirm the installation and also for confirm that the smartphone is your property and thus be able to sync your contacts. However, some people prefer to skip this option and look for other alternatives.

It usually happens that sometimes for different reasons we do not have the device or SIM card at hand and we cannot enter the pin that is sent. But this can be fixed, now you can activate your WhatsApp app without SIM, without having to verify the number with a trick which we reveal below. We also explain how to verify your account through the different methods it offers and how to do it if you don't have a phone.

How to activate WhatsApp without verification code?

Perhaps you wondered if there is a way to activate Whatsapp without a phone number and without being asked to enter the confirmation code e the answer is yes. As on many platforms, there is a way to skip this procedure. Follow these steps and discover one of the most common and effective ways to do it.

Two-step verification

If you have already downloaded the application on your mobile e you don't want to have this kind of inconvenience in the future when you verify your account with the pin, do the following before it works:

  • Make a backup with the your Google account associated with this social network.
  • Go to the menu "Settings"> "Accounts" > "Two-step verification" and follow the instructions they show you.
  • After that, you will forget about the code verification sent by WhatsApp in the future.

With this six digit code that will be your password for the mobile messaging app, you can activate chats (related to your phone number) on another mobile phone if you wish. It works as an optional email account, which will be used to disable verification.

How to activate WhatsApp without the verification code by email

If you are installing the e you don't have the safety pin receive mode to identify your account, follow these steps to know how to do it. This way you will avoid waiting for the confirmation message:

  • Once you have downloaded the social network and accepted the conditions of use, place the smartphone in "Flight mode" o "Offline profile" and turn on WiFi only.
  • With WiFi activated, open the app and enter your mobile number.
  • You can add your number or any other, in any case you will not receive any SMS.

Since you will not be able to receive any messages or calls, you will be asked to check it out alternatively. That is, from the associated email address to your account.

  • Enter your email and accept. At the end, before the action is carried out and the process ends, click Cancel.
  • Go to your inbox. There you will be sent your data for verification. Copy and return to the app.
  • Enter the copied code where it is required. In this way, you will have activated the platform without using your mobile number.

Automatic verification via SMS

When you download the app, it asks you to enter your phone number. Subsequently they will send you a code via SMS which will be applied automatically and then WhatsApp will verify that you are the owner of the line you have affiliated with the account. This is the easiest way to activate the application on your smartphone.

If it is an old account with a backup, all the contacts it contains will be automatically recorded, allowing you to easily migrate your data.

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Check the number per call

Sometimes users have difficulty in receiving the confirmation pin that is sent via SMS. In general, this platform delivers other alternative options in so that you can receive it, one of which requires a call. can activate WhatsApp without using the verification code in this way. The most important thing in this part is to enter the number correctly, with the respective code of the country you are in. The steps are as follows:

  • After accepting the network policies, enter your phone number with the respective area code based on the country you are in.
  • Select the option "Receive the check mark for call" and wait.
  • After a few minutes, the WhatsApp voice operator will call you and will indicate the code.
  • Enter it and it will activate your instant messaging chat.

Check the number without a SIM card

If for some reason you don't have a phone line and want to use WhatsApp, you can. Since there are many pages that allow you to create and use numbers practically, but for that you need to download an application.

In this case one of them is TextNow, a tool that helps you to make calls and send text messages, completely free. All you need to do to use it is to create your user account. With this it is possible install WhatsApp without a SIM card, you would only need an internet connection and follow these steps:

  • Download the platform via Play Store o Apple Store.
  • Once installed, you will be given an SMS number, which you will need to use to insert “Wassap” without a SIM card.
  • Enter the phone number provided by the application and wait until a confirmation message is displayed using « SMS failed «.
  • This is done so that you can choose to run the verification process with a call. Tap this option and you will receive a call to the TextNow number.
  • When the operator indicates the code, enter it and you will be able to access it.

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