How to be notified every time a contact changes status on Whatsapp

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Do you like to look at the WhatsApp status of your contacts? Don't miss any changes? To do this, you need to keep checking the status very often. In today's tutorial, we will explain how to automatically know when someone changes their WhatsApp status, without having to check them every time. How to be notified every time a contact changes status on Whatsapp?

In this article, I will show you an application available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, which will notify you as soon as your WhatsApp contact changes status. It not only sends you a notification, but shows you what the new status is and what the old status of your WhatsApp contact was without opening WhatsApp.

Know when someone changes their status on WhatsApp

The application I share below is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Android and iOS users need to download the “Wossip” application from the respective application store. (Below you will find the links)

Once the application is installed, open it.

How to be notified every time a contact changes status on Whatsapp

It will ask for your email address to start using the app. Enter a valid email address.

You will receive a verification code in your inbox, which you will need to enter in a pop-up window.

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Now, press the MONITOR A CONTACT button and choose the desired WhatsApp contact from your address book.

It will ask you how long you want to track the status of a contact as it is free for only one day (trial period). If you want to use the application for a longer period, you need to purchase the service. Initially, you can choose a free trial to familiarize yourself with the application's features.

Then wait about 1 hour to start monitoring the activity of the added WhatsApp numbers, but the process may take less time. Once the monitoring is started, you can get all the data in the application as shown below.

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How to know if a contact is online on Whatsapp

In addition to informing you about the status just changed, it will also inform you when the contact you added to the application on WhatsApp is online. The application will send the notification as soon as the contact is online.

Disadvantages: Once the number is added, the application asks you to wait an hour to start monitoring the added WhatsApp activities.

When I tried the app, it took me about half an hour to start following the WhatsApp contact and as soon as the contact changed their status, I was informed by the app.

The app also claims that you will be notified when someone changes their profile picture, but when I tried it it didn't work for me. Try it, it may be that when I tested the application the service was down.

Some features of Wossip are:

  • Check the date and time when the contact was online
  • Receive notifications when the contact is online or changes their profile picture
  • Check how long your children use the WhatsApp application

Download Wossip - Tracker for WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or download Wossip - “Last Seen” Revealer & Monitor from the App Store. I hope you can easily start tracking a contact's status change on WhatsApp.

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