How to know if apps that spy on you are installed on your smartphone

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Are you afraid that someone has installed a spy app on your Android smartphone and is monitoring your calls, messages and social networks? Here's how you can find out.

Obviously this can have happened if you have given your smartphone to a person and took the time to install the spy application on it. Or else, you clicked a link on an email or message that installed these apps without your knowledge.

But let's see some technical procedures to find out if your mobile phone is being spied on with a special application.

How to know if your smartphone is being spied on

To check for malicious apps installed that are sending data from your device to others, open your smartphone's browser and enter the following addresses in the navigation bar and press enter:

  • localhost: 8888
  • localhost: 4444

Try them both and if a screen opens that requires a username and password or a menu, it means that a spy app is installed on your smartphone. If so, delete it immediately from your device or reset your Android smartphone.

Other check to determine if your smartphone is under control open the numeric keypad of your smartphone as if to type a number and enter the following code * 12345 initiate the call and if suspicious applications open follow the recommended steps above. If the call starts and you are answered that the number is non-existent, everything is ok.

If, however, after carrying out these checks you are still not happy, we recommend that you change the password for all your Google, social or other accounts. Also to reset your smartphone to factory settings and go to a technician to find out if your Android device has been rooted.


Always remember not to give your smartphone in hand and leave it without your supervision to people you do not know or who may want to know your information even for the purpose of blackmail and stalkers. Do not click on suspicious email links and do not download applications outside the Google Play Store or from certified and secure app stores.

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