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You are looking for free music download apps for Android. Here is our list of applications that will allow you to download all the music you want on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Free music download app for Android

YMusic - free music download

YMusic lets you play any YouTube video as an audio file, even letting you play it in the background on your phone. You have the option to download them in M4A and MP3 formats.

YMusic you have to download it from outside the Play Store.

Download YMusic now.

SuperCloud MP3

SuperCloud MP3 is another very interesting app that will allow you to download music to your Android device for free. It has a large selection of music tracks and you are sure to find your favorite music by searching carefully.

This app is also not available on the Google Play store so you will have to manually install it from its APK file.

Scarica ora SuperCloud MP3.

TubeMate - download free music from Youtube

TubeMate is an app that allows you to download YouTube videos in different formats, including audio only. As you probably know, YouTube is one of the best places to listen to your favorite music, and thanks to TubeMate, it's also one of the best places to download that music.

You can download TubeMate here.

SONGily - scare music for free

SONGily, With each song you find, you will see options to play and download the songs you listen to, and they recently added a feature that allows you to download videos as well. It is definitely an app to try and can be found in the Google Play Store in a free ad-supported way.

Download SONGily now.


KeepVid is the easiest free music downloader to use, even if it doesn't allow you to download music in the M4A format. To download SoundCloud tracks you need to go to SoundCloud after installing KeepVid, select the desired track, tap the “Share” icon, then select KeepVid in the options. It was once also the best app to download music from Youtube, now the app doesn't allow it if you want to use TubeMate listed above.

Download KeepVid now.


As you can see, there are many apps to download your music for free on your Android device. Try them and choose the best one for you.

NB. This article is for informational purposes and we do not assume any responsibility for the use you will make of this information. Downloading copyrighted music is illegal. We therefore advise you to make use of the information contained on this page in accordance with the law in force in your country in this matter. Find out how to legally download free music.

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