How to take screenshot on Instagram without notification

How to take screenshot on Instagram without notification

How to screenshot on Instagram without sender notification for Android and iOS. As part of its latest update, Instagram has added some cool features that include disappearing messages. This means that any story sent live whether it's an image or video vanishes after a few seconds.

Not only that, now every time you take a screenshot of the missing message, a notification will be sent to the sender. Some think this is a good thing, however many users are still wondering how to take screenshot on instagram without notification. There are however some tricks that allow you to take a screenshot on Instagram without sending any notification.

1. ApowerMirror per iOS/Android

Applications for Instagram

The best way to secretly capture a screenshot on your Instagram device is by using an application called ApowerMirror. It is an application that enables display mirroring, as well as providing screen recording and screen capture functionality. For take a screenshot in secret on Instagram with this application, the first thing to do is to connect the phone to your PC in WiFi mode.

  • To get started, all you need to do is download and install the application on your computer. Download
  • Once installed, open it and go to the WiFi menu. Next, connect your device by activating the AirPlay function in the Control Center.
  • When you turn on AirPlay, you will notice a small icon like your computer. Just press to establish the connection.
  • When the connection is successful, the device screen will be displayed through the program.
  • To capture an Instagram post, click on the built-in screen capture feature, represented by a small camera icon.
  • The newly captured Instagram image will then be saved in the designated folder.

Furthermore, this program also works well with Android devices. Users can use USB cable or WiFi to connect. Once the connection is established, you can take the Instagram screenshot in a similar way and save as a PNG image file on your local drive by default.

Unlike the iOS platform, users also need to install the Android version from Google Play after installing the desktop version from above. However, if you are an Android user and want to take snapshots directly in secret, you can consider using the following option.

2. Screenshot Apowersoft (Android)

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The easiest way to secretly save Instagram photos on Android is by using Apowersoft Screenshot. This is a free screen capture tool that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Using this program, you can easily get Instagram screenshots using the floating overlay icon. This application is very convenient and easy to use even for novice users. Apart from these, this tool has a built-in image editor which is useful for editing the captured screenshot and also offers a sharing function in case you need to share the image on various social media sites.

  • To take an Instagram screenshot without notification using this application, simply download Apowersoft Screenshot from Google Play Store.
  • After that, open the application and go to the settings to enable the overlay icon for capturing.
  • When you have enabled, go to the application on your device and open your Instagram. Browse until you find the post you want to capture.
  • To take screenshots on Instagram in secret, simply press the overlay icon and tap the capture button represented by a camera icon.
  • A preview of the image is displayed along with an image editor. From here you can annotate the captured image if you want or save it directly to your device.

That's all!

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