Post self-destructing photos on Instagram

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Post self-destructing photos on Instagram. Instagram, here's how to send self-destructing messages. Instagram photos that self-destruct. How to self-destruct photos on Instagram. This article refers to the latest update received, namely the photos that self-destruct on Instagram.

There are many applications that copy the functionality of other applications, and Instagram has done so too, with this new feature. It's possible automatically delete photos and videos posted on Instagram.

In the previous article we talked about how to download others' Instagram Stories without notifying. Today we are going to talk about how post self-destructing photos on Instagram. It is a feature already seen on Snapchat.

Send a self-destructing message on Instagram it is very useful for our security and privacy. But let's see how to use this feature on Instagram.

Post self-destructing photos on Instagram

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How to send self-destructive messages on WhatsApp

To get started, you need to update the Instagram application to the latest version.

The guide was done on iOS, but there is no difference in the application for Android.

1. Open the Instagram app and tap the icon of Camera in the upper left corner. Alternatively, you can also tap the your story at the top of the feed or move to the right.

2. Take a photo by tapping the circle icon or take a video, do as you wish. You can also select a photo / video from the Gallery / Camera by moving the screen up and down and selecting the desired media.

3. After taking the image and making any desired changes such as adding text, filters, etc., select the right arrow in the lower right corner.

4. Now select the friend or group you want to send the self-destructing message to and tap on Send.

Once this is done, the photo or video you sent to the desired friend / group will be automatically destroyed after being viewed.

Il self-destructing message on Instagram it can only be viewed once.

Also, you will be notified if anyone tries to save the screenshot of the sent photo.

Nice and simple no!

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