The best apps to create a video from photos

The best apps to create a video from photos

We've put together a list of mobile apps that create video clips from photos, allowing you to add music, filters, and whatever else you want to make them truly memorable.

Best apps to make a video from photo



The ridiculously popular video maker and photo merger app has earned its place at the top of apps that create video clips from photos. It allows you to seamlessly combine photos with videos, music, effects, stickers, to create beautifully cinematic memories from your favorite photos.

Use elegant fades in, out, and other garish effects to create smooth transitions between series of photos, then add the music you want to truly capture the moment. (Maybe you could add the song that actually played when the photos were taken.) FotoPlay supports multiple aspect ratios, so if you take photos vertically or horizontally, you're covered.

The “Video FX” feature is really worth keeping an eye on, giving your videos that cinematic quality that takes them to the next level.



If you want to unleash your inner creativity - using your images to make stylish music videos or just a beautifully presented presentation - then Flipagram is for you. The app uses its internal algorithms to scan the photos you send, so it can transform your photo collection into something more cinematic by automatically applying filters, music, and timing. All this with a twist!

Of course, Flipagram also lets you take your projects in hand, allowing you to add your own music and rhythm. It has some solid editing tools that let you fine-tune the details of your project before easily sharing it online.

A few things to note: Flipagram is subscription based after the free trial period. (So ​​make the most of it!) Plus there seems to be some kind of fake Flipagram app on the Play Store that isn't quite as good and doesn't seem to be made by the developer itself, so avoid that!

Google Photos


Many of you already use Google Photos, and for good reason. Google Photos boasts a great photo management interface coupled with free unlimited storage (as long as you don't mind a little compression).

Additionally, Google Photos can automatically create slideshows and animations from your images. These presentations revolve around special occasions or recent trips, with Google automatically selecting photos based on data such as location. While they were great, users didn't have the ability to manually select which photos they wanted to include in the presentations. Till now.

Users can create movies on demand by selecting a theme such as “Mother's Day”, “Selfie” and “Doggie” to name a few, then identify who should star in the production. Google Photos will automatically try to find the best photos and video clips. Plus, the app also sets your videos to music!



Magisto proposes itself as an intelligent editor that simplifies the making of movies. Users simply choose the film style they think best suits their photos or movies. This helps Magisto determine your audience and purpose.

For example, Magisto will structure clips differently in a promotional video meant for social media than at a wedding. Once the video style is chosen, users select which video or photo clips they want to appear in their movie. Finally, users choose which music they want to use as the soundtrack.

Users then sit back and relax while Magisto works its magic. Magisto is super easy to use, which makes it perfect for people with no previous editing experience.

Additionally, Magisto boasts social media integration to easily share your clips online. Magisto offers a premium version that removes some of the restrictions present in the giveaway, in particular the ability to download clips to play them on other devices, such as a PC or TV.

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