MyTIM: how the app that tells you everything about the fixed and mobile TIM line works

Thanks to the new MyTIM app, keeping your TIM landline under control is now simple. You can use it to know the invoices issued and pay them if unpaid. You can also ask for TIM technical assistance directly through the app installed on your smartphone.


The MyTIM app allows you to control your prepaid mobile lines and landlines from your smartphone.

Fixed line management and the possibility of chatting with TIM Customer Service directly in the app have been added.

If you want to create an account by associating it with a landline, you can do it from the App by connecting via Wi-Fi to the FIBER or ADSL network of the TIM line you want to register.

You can log in using the MyTIM account with your email address as username.

Thanks to this app, if you have a TIM mobile line you can:

  • View the remaining credit
  • Get information about your rate plan
  • Check the progress of your offers through the counters to check the Minutes, SMS and Giga available
  • View and manage the services active on your line
  • Top up online with a click using your credit card and PayPal or using a RicariCard and activate the automatic top-up service
  • View credit movements on the line.

For your landlines:

  • Consult the offers and services active on the line
  • Consult the invoices of the last year
  • View the invoice in a navigable format and download it
  • Pay the invoice by credit card or PayPal.

How to register a landline on the MyTIM app

To manage your TIM landline via the MyTIM app, download it on Android or iOS. Remember to connect your smartphone or tablet to the wi-fi network of the TIM line you want to control.

Once done, start it and proceed to register a TIM account if you do not already have it by selecting the Register button.

Now in the new window enter your email and a password of at least 8 characters and press forward.

In the new window, you will be asked to enter the TIM mobile or landline number to which you want to associate the account. Since we are talking about landline enter that, press Next again.

In the new screen, if you have correctly entered your landline phone, you will need to enter a mobile phone number also of another operator which will be used in case you forget the access password. Enter it and press next to receive a confirmation message with a code that will complete the creation of your MyTIM account.

Once you have registered and logged in, you can now use the functions of the MyTIM app to control your landline.

MyTIM app functions

In the main screen of the app you will find an icon menu at the bottom with the following symbols starting from the left:

  • A house: This takes you back to the app home, then to the home page.
  • A euro symbol: by selecting it you will be able to see all the invoices issued on the chosen telephone line and if they have been paid or not, if they were not paid for any reason you can pay it online via the app by selecting the invoice.
  • Symbol of a shop: by selecting it you can get information on TIM offers dedicated to you.
  • Cartoon symbol: this is the assistance area where you can ask for help from a TIM operator by starting a chat directly from the app and expose your problems regarding your landline.
  • The four squares at the bottom right give you access to the other functions of the app such as: Line, Profile, Configure, Tracking, Reload and exit the app.

How to pay a bill from the MyTIM app

As already mentioned, seeing your invoices once logged into the app means going to the euro symbol in the icons below and you will see all the invoices issued for your landline.

If an invoice is not paid, all you have to do is click on it and you can pay the balance due online by credit card or PayPal.

How to top up a TIM mobile number from the MyTIM app

From the app you can also top up TIM mobile numbers, whether it is yours from a family member or a friend. Just press the icon of the four squares at the bottom right and select the Reload item.

You will be asked to enter the TIM mobile number to be recharged and the euro denomination of the recharge, press continue to choose the payment method and once the operation is completed, the previously entered mobile phone will receive the selected euro recharge.

How to access the MyTIM app via fingerprint

If you are a person who often forgets your password or you want to log in quickly whenever you want without entering your MyTIM account credentials, you can carry out this procedure automatically with your fingerprint if your smartphone has this type of biometric recognition.

To activate the app access function via fingerprint, go to the icon of the four squares at the bottom right and then select Configure. Here you will find the Fingerprint item, select it and activate the inherent lever and press confirm.

Done now, every time you use the MyTim app, all you have to do is scan your fingerprint and you will automatically enter your account.

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