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How to buy on Amazon without a credit card. Have you entered the Amazon site and found the mobile of your dreams at an exceptional price but the mere thought of having to use a credit card makes you anxious?
I give you good news! It is possible to buy on Amazon without credit card taking advantage of other payment systems that are a little less comfortable than cards, but are still reliable and safe.
Have you already calmed down and already see yourself holding your new mobile phone? Perfect then to make everything real, all you have to do is follow the instructions I will give you.

How to buy on Amazon without a credit card

Buy on Amazon for cash

If you don't want to (or can't) use your credit card to make purchases on Amazon, then you can pay cash using Top up at the cash desk.
This is a service made available in the last quarter of 2017 by the e-commerce platform. The Top-up in Cashier service allows you to use the your account balance to make purchases, as this can be topped up using cash. Where can you buy refills? Simple, at the points Sisal Pay or in the affiliated shops. The available denominations range from 15 euros to 500 euros.

Here's what you need to do:

  • First you have to search for the Sisal store closest to you by connecting to the Sisal website, enter the name of your city in the text field Near to, writing the query Amazon Refill in the field Choose a product or service and click, finally, on the Search button. You will then see a map with the points of sale that are located in your vicinity:
  • Generate the barcode that you will need to show to be able to top up. Then you have to connect to the Amazon website, click on the item Log in (top right) and log in to your account by entering your e-mail address (or your mobile number) and password in the appropriate text fields; click on the Login button. Now press on the voice Gift Vouchers (at the top under the search bar) and, on the page that opens, click on the item Top up - In cash which you find in the menu on the left (under the category Your account). Now you need to click on the Get your barcode link (under the category Amazon Refill - At Checkout) to get the barcode. To this it is necessary to decide if you want to receive the barcode via SMS or if you want to print it. In the first case, click on the Verify my mobile number button, enter your number in the Mobile number form and then click on the Continue and OK buttons. In a short time you will receive a verification code via SMS: you have to type it in the Enter code field and click on the yellow Verify button (in some cases you may be asked to re-enter your account password). Now you can finally get the barcode by simply clicking on the Send my barcode via SMS button and open it by selecting the link that Amazon sent you via SMS. If, on the other hand, you want to print the barcode then you simply have to click on the Print my barcode button and print it from the page that opens in the browser. sales enabled to make Amazon top-ups, show it to the operator and pay cash for the top-up. The amount of the top-up you will make will be added to your Amazon account which you can view by logging into your Amazon account, clicking on the Account and lists item (above), and then on the Gift Vouchers and Top-up item. You can check the amount available next to the Current balance item.

Amazon gift cards

Another way to shop on Amazon without using your credit card is to  Amazon gift vouchers.

If you have an Amazon gift card and want to enter it in your account to be able to make purchases, then you must:

  • First of all connect to the Amazon website, log in to your account and click on the item Gift Vouchers located at the top. Then click on the item Add to your account and, in the field Enter the gift voucher code, type the code of your gift certificate. Then click on the button Add to my account in such a way as to add it and then be able to use it for your purchases;
  • choose the product you want to buy and add it to the cart by pressing the button Proceed to order, select the delivery address and the shipping method you prefer and make sure that in the screen Select a payment method the item has been selected Use [euro] Promotional credit (under the option Your balances). Finally click on the buttons Continue e Buy it now but I will complete the acquisto.

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