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    Between us he stops by himself and takes me out of the game - Quick fix

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    The Among Us game is successful no doubt to be a total hit in the video game industry multiplayer that can be downloaded for Android devices and even on PC, despite having simple controls and graphics, the game's storyline and gameplay have been a total hit among users who still love this great game.

    It was so popular that the application currently has more than 100 million downloads and still maintains a large number of active users on its platforms.

    However, one problem that the game has sometimes presented to several players during their matches is that the application stops suddenly or it closes, causing the automatic ejection of the player from the game he was playing in, then again you should search and enter a new game or recreate a new game.

    Why does the Among Us game stop or close by itself?

    The problem of terminating or abruptly stopping the game Among Us on Android mobile device is something that has happened to many users, due to various reasons, of below we will show you some of the main reasons for which these problems occur in the game Among Us:

    • The game is not updated to its latest version, so it throws some errors or even doesn't allow access to any games
    • The Among Us platform servers are suddenly crashed or you are blocked due to the large number of users connected to it.
    • La Internet connection a you are connected to on your device does not generate enough to run the multiplayer game
    • Problems with the game cache on your mobile device

    In case you have any of these problems on your phone or internet and don't know how to fix it then you shouldn't worry because below we will teach you how to fix these problems easily in so that you can play calmly with us.

    Possible solutions to prevent Among Us from closing

    In this article we present a detailed guide of what are the possible causes why the renowned game of skill and teamwork, Among Us; unexpectedly stops on the phone. For this reason we will give you a series of tips that we hope will be of great help and solve the problem presented.

    Update your phone

    A simple solution that you can apply so that Among Us does not come out or stop; is that you check the latest version of android with what your device has. This app is demanding and doesn't support some very old versions so you need to keep your mobile up to date.

    To perform this action, you need to go to your phone settings; then scroll the screen and go to the bottom, where it says "on device or phone"; there you can see the current version your mobile has. In order to play Among Us without such problems, the App supports at least version 4.4 kitkat to function smoothly.

    Check your internet connection

    Another alternative is that the internet connection you are on may be slow or may not have enough capacity to run multiplayer game, it's best to restart your modem or log into another internet network. In this sense, we recommend that a good internet connection is required to play between us or mobile data; however, the latter is not highly recommended as it will consume all available balance.

    Change the language of the game

    One option you can also try is to change the language of the game; if it is in English, the application tends to close unexpectedly and at different times; causing you to lose the game you are playing as well. For this reason, we recommend that you set the language to Spanish, avoiding this inconvenience.

    To do this, follow the instructions below: first open the App, go to the settings symbol; once inside, you will get the option that says «data», press there and finally select the spanish language and voila, the changes will be saved systematically.

    Uninstall and reinstall Among Us

    It may be that the application has undergone some alteration or execution problem; so you need to uninstall and reinstall it. To do this, proceed as follows:

    1. Enter the main menu of your Smartphone
    2. Press and hold the app
    3. You will see two options: delete or delete (disappear from the menu) and uninstall (delete from device)
    4. Scroll through the game to the uninstall function
    5. Click accept and voila, the procedure is performed
    6. Now you need to reinstall it; to do this, go to the Google Play Store
    7. Look for the app in the store
    8. Press where it says "Install" and then click accept
    9. Wait for it to charge and you can use it again

    Clear cache

    In case these solutions didn't work for you, you can choose to empty the application cache, for this you will simply have to access the game settings and look for the Among Us application in the applications section, then click on the application data and then in the storage option press the icon below and choose the option for » delete cache ».

    Common problems between us that may occur while playing games

    Like more game applications, Among Us suffers from internal problems ; that is, outside the will of the users. These can cause you to slow down while using the platform, become disconnected, or not be able to function optimally in every part of the game.

    Therefore, many players have stopped using the App; as they are impatient and bothered by these inconveniences. But it is common for the following to happen: you cannot create a game; the server crashes; the game is slow; you cannot enter any room; etc… Which derives from two main causes which we will explain in detail shortly.

    Server problems

    Among Us is a game released in late 2018; However, its trend and popularity was recently reached in 2020. As the game started to have a significant number of downloads and its developers were not prepared for this exponential growth, it caused these problems with servers.

    Mainly, having so many readers and downloads at the same time, saturates the App system in a sustained way,  where the response of its creators is not slow. Nowadays this doesn't usually happen very often, but you should know that if this happens it is because there are a large number of players connected in the app and it causes the platform to collapse.

    Need an update

    The cause of these problems can also be due to the fact that the game is not updated to its latest version, so you will have to update it, for this go to the Google Play Store official and search for the app to check if you have any new updates.

    In that case, you need to press the button that indicates the update and it will be done immediately. On the other hand, it may happen that this is not the case; which means this is not causing the problem, but you should look into other causes that may be causing it.

    What to do if I can't access the Among Us game from my mobile?

    If you have these problems while playing the game, you should know that there are several ways and tips to fix them and be in able to play with each other smoothly and without problems, then we will show you different solutions depending on the problem you have.

    Restart your device

    The moment the application crashes suddenly, it is better to restart the device before reopening and running the game Among Us, restarting the device can fix, simple as it may be, can solve various problems easily occurring with the same.

    Wait 30 minutes for the application servers to fix

    In case you can't access the Among Us games, it might be possible that i server siano idle, so you will have to wait some time for them to work again.

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