Diablo Immortal Battleground PvP Guide

Diablo Immortal only has one PvP option in the game. To engage in PvP battles, you must use the Battleground mode in Diablo Immortal. This guide will help you participate, understand and dominate Diablo Immortal Battleground PvP.

Table of contents 1) How to participate in PvP Battleground in Diablo Immortal 2) Diablo Immortal battlefield attacker objectives 3) Diablo Immortal Battleground Defender objectives 4) How does Battleground mode work? 5) Diablo Immortal Battleground PvP Tips

How to join the PvP Battleground in Diablo Immortal

Battleground is for players who have defeated enough demons and now want to face a bigger challenge, other players. As of now, Battleground is the only mode in Diablo Immortal that allows for PvP engagement.

To enter Battlegrounds, you need to speak to the Battleground Captain. The Captain can be found on Westmarch's upper right round balcony. You can also enter your preference to play defense or attack, otherwise the game will randomly choose for you during matchmaking.

Battleground is an 8v8 PvP event. In order to enter PvP, players must be at least level 55 in Diablo Immortal. In addition to the minimum level requirement, players must log in at the right time in order to participate in PvP.

Battlefield Mode is only available for 2 hours at 8:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 22:00 in the standard time of the server you are playing on. In each of these sessions, you have 2 hours to engage in Battleground. You can check the server time in the upper right corner of Westmarch.

Battleground mode comes with its own map, objectives and even rules. When you enter a Battleground match, your teammates and enemies are determined through the MMR system, which allows you to queue up with players with a win rate near you. A sigh of relief for new players.

The players in Battleground are divided into two teams; Forwards and defenders.

Diablo Immortal battlefield attacker goals

First, we will discuss the attack team for the PvP Battleground mode. The attackers are accused of attacking (obviously) and destroying the defenders' base in order to win.

Attackers have three different objectives that they must complete in order to win the game.

The first goal is to defeat the three Holy Guardians. This is the first objective of the match and these three guardians are supported by the defenders. After defeating the three Holy Guardians, the attackers gain a new respawn point while the defender's spawn point is knocked back.

The next goal is to escort the zealous idols at the next barrier. There are two Zealous Idols on each side of the map and you need to escort them to the end. Defenders will attack the idols and you to make sure these idols get to the end safely. Note that Zealous Idols will only move when an attacker is close to them, otherwise they will remain stationary.

The ultimate goal is to destroy the Ancient Heart. The Ancient Heart is an artifact and attackers must keep attacking to destroy it. When the attackers successfully destroy the Ancient Heart, the game ends in a victory for the attacking team.

Diablo Immortal Battleground Defender objectives

Defenders get along easily in Diablo Immoral Battleground mode. Defenders must guarantee one of two things to guarantee a win.

To win, the defenders have to do it too kill 80 attackers or make sure the match time runs out before the current attacker's goal is completed.

If the Defenders manage to kill 80 attackers, the game will end in a victory for the Defenders. This only requires proper team communication and the division of roles among teammates.

The second goal is to get the game out until time runs out. Each attacker's goal lasts 7 minutes in the game. If the defenders manage to prevent the attackers from completing their objective in this time limit, the game leads to victory for the defenders.

How does Battlefield mode work?

It is very important that players know the mechanics of Battlegrounds, especially when exiting PvE. The mechanics of PvE and PvE are different to keep balance.

First of all, as soon as you enter the Battleground, your Combat Rating is reduced to 10% of the original value, which means that you will be much weaker in Battleground than in PvE. Make sure you know your skills won't be what you are used to.

Your Block Chance will also be reduced to 20% and your Critical Hit Chances against other players will remain fixed at 10%, regardless of your equipment or Critical Hit Chances in PvE. The same goes for harmful effects, such as stunning and freezing. The duration of the effects of these ailments is reduced by 50% in PvP Battlegrounds.

For healing, you must retreat as you will not be able to move for 5 seconds while your character wraps himself in bandages. This is the time it takes to heal at around 75% of your total health during the fight, so make sure you heal from the conflict or else you will remain seated.

Also, you are not allowed to heal quickly. You have a 20 second cooldown to use the bandages. There are no health potions in PvP, so bandages are the only means of healing in Battleground PvP.

Diablo Immortal Battleground PvP Tips

Now that we know what we need to do and what the Battleground variations are from traditional PvE, we can take a look at some tips for dominating Battlegrounds, or at least avoiding being dominated.

First of all, we strongly recommend that you switch builds before entering PvP. The builds you've used for PvE and demon slaying won't work as well against other players. PvP requires different strategies and skills.

Wasting gear using effects like stun or increasing critical strike chances is a waste as these effects and buffs aren't as powerful in PvP as they are in PvE.

Know your role in the fight. Just because you're good at PvE doesn't mean you'll have the same value in the same role in PvP. If you are unable to deal high damage, play support and help your teammate with the highest DPS. PvP mode requires team coordination and you need to make sure you are coordinated with your team.

Change your setup to be more effective. This is essential as you cannot change your skills, classes and equipment mid-game. Once you have chosen a configuration, you must work hard until the end of the game. Make sure you know what you want to do before joining so you don't end up being a dead weight for your team.

Focus on your goals as a striker. Like all objective-based co-op games, there are always a few that just try to kill instead of completing the objective. This is a surefire way for attackers to lose, as no matter how many defenders you kill if you don't complete the goal in 7 minutes, you will lose. The rewards for winning are more than for getting the most kills, so focus on winning instead of killing.

The map has no teleportation. You have to run around the entire map. Players need to make sure they are spread out fairly evenly across the map, or at least keep an eye on the minimap to see if they are being flanked or distracted as opponents search for their target.

Attackers can even sneak past defenders and complete their goals without any resistance, or defenders can distract attackers with small fights and run away to waste the attacker's time.

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