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Needless to turn around, the announcement of Diablo IV was perhaps one of the most anticipated by players and Blizzard fans in general. We had heard of it last year when, in place of the expected fourth chapter, Diablo Immortal was revealed and the disappointment in the videogame environment became palpable. But you know, Blizzard forgives practically everything because it is able to churn out titles of the highest level and usable by practically everyone and, probably, even in this case history will prove him right.

After the beautiful video that confirmed the many rumors of the last months, it was possible to analyze the gameplay sections of Diablo IV and what we were able to see is undoubtedly a return to the origins, to those dark and gothic atmospheres that made Diablo II a memorable title. From the third chapter, those more vivid colors are lost, perhaps more suited to the world of World of Warcraft, but the evolution of the gameplay is maintained for a good part. But before stealing the secrets of the gameplay let's try to take stock of the plot, among the strengths of the franchise, both thanks to the information circulated on the net and thanks to the official ones disseminated by Blizzard itself.

The world of Sanctuary knows no peace, by now we know it, but man himself is the proponent of his own ruin when, in search of hidden riches, a portal is opened that frees Lilith from her exile (we already knew of its presence in the title through a leak on the artbook). The mother of chaos is ready to unleash all her malevolent power over everything that will cross her path of death and pain. This is what we find out from the amazing video, a real short in computer graphics, that Blizzard gave to the world in unveiling Diablo 4.

here our heroes come into play, called to fight the return of demonic creatures and find out what is happening, again, at Sanctuarium. The plot does not seem to show particularly innovative elements but it will be interesting to understand what seems to all intents and purposes a cult behind the return of Lilith, we are aware that Blizzard will keep the strictest confidentiality on the details of the script, but we are also sure that we will be able to count on a atmosphere full of mystery as our character makes his way through the enemy hordes.

Although it is impossible to fully judge the work of Blizzard at present, it must be said that the graphics sector of Diablo IV seems immediately convincing, in spite of its predecessor, as there is a perfect blend of details and fluidity with the classic isometric view that accompanies us on our journey through the Sanctuarium areas. Here the first novelty is denoted, as well as one of the elements of returning to the origins: the druid.

Among the three playable classes revealed we can count on Druid, Barbarian and Enchantress, but Blizzard has already confirmed that 2 more will be added (we are talking about Paladin and Amazon), as usual characterized by peculiar abilities and different play styles.

In particular the Barbarians will have the opportunity to take advantage of the "Arsenal" system that will allow them to transport and equip up to four different weapons via shortcut to which it will be possible to assign different attacks and skills. In this way the Barbarian will have the possibility to make a style switch in a short time and quickly adapt to the different game situations that will be faced.

The Enchantresses will be able to count on the classic control of the elements with ice, fire and lightning ready to wreak havoc on the battlefield while the Druid will be able to exploit his peculiar ability to change from human to werewolf or bear, while one or more familiars will follow him and help in battle.

In continuity with the past we find the progression of the character through the tree of skills and talents as well as the loot drop from killed enemies and the customization of weapons through runes remains almost unchanged. As stated, the good old isometric view will accompany exploration and combat through the five regions announced by Blizzard: the Kehjistan Desert, the Scosglen Forests, the Arid Steppes, the Shattered Peaks and the Hawezar Marshes.

For the first time we will have a unique continent to explore without interruptions, also thanks to the return of the mounts, where each area will be characterized by enemies peculiar to the area and by various settings, extended and replayable indefinitely, thanks to the random generation, in each game, of the configuration of territories and dungeons.

Among the most evident innovations in Diablo IV is its multiplayer component: if on the one hand we could carry out the classic single player or co-op campaign, on the other we will have the opportunity to meet other groups of players with whom it will be possible to team up, to face delicate missions and game areas, or to fight them in the most classic PvP. From what we have been able to see it will be the player's free choice to interact with who will be online during the same game making Diablo IV more like an MMO: an extra experience that can prove very useful in the most challenging boss fights and that it will also guarantee a continuous challenge and a not indifferent general longevity.

The title will be cross-platform with release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and should enjoy cross-play, a feature increasingly requested in titles with multiplayer components. In order not to miss anything, Blizzard has also confirmed that, always drawing from the world of titles based on online multiplayer, and as is customary in many modern productions, also the new Diablo will have the presence of microtransactions mostly for the purchase of mounts and items to aesthetically customize the characters.

Another confirmation from the American production company is that of the expansions that will support the title after its release. When can we get our hands on all this? Unfortunately it is a TBA, as if it is true that a playable demo was present at BlizzCon 2019, it is also true that Blizzard, as usual, did not focus on a release date of the fourth chapter of Diablo assuming that the wait could last a long time. However, it is almost certain that the release will be anticipated by a beta perhaps already in the course of 2020, but talking about dates at the current state remains a typical gamble of rumors.

In the meantime, we can only have very high expectations after what was recently shown and unveiled, and we can't wait to explore the regions of Sanctuary to face the hordes of monstrous enemies that populate them.

Diablo IV is alive and seems to be paying off all the expectations that have been placed in this sequel to one of Blizzard's most beloved franchises for years. One cannot fail to notice a rediscovery of the classicisms of the series, with a focus on atmospheres, dungeons and ravines that closely resemble Diablo II. Despite this, a certain continuity with the predecessor has been maintained in the system of skills and equipment of the runes and has innovated in terms of multiplayer gameplay. Turning Diablo IV into a hybrid MMO is definitely a move that could prove to be a winner. Aesthetically satisfying, the Blizzard title seems to enjoy a convincing fluidity even in the most excited phases of the game. It is still early to sum up but one thing is certain, before equipping swords, armor, rings and so on, and venturing into the last chapter of Diablo, we will have to resort to the weapon to which Blizzard appeals most: patience. .

► Diablo IV is a scrolling RPG-fighting game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,

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