Elden Ring: details and plot, what we know so far

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There are few things to say about the Game Summer Fest yesterday, although it has given a lot of news and news on many titles, the final bomb is certainly the release of the official Elden Ring trailer. The title From Software published by Bandai Namco and written in collaboration with George RR Martin does not need too many presentations but for sure the movie has rekindled the flame of a decidedly very rampant hype. Although the work is still very mysterious, what was shown yesterday made it clear what is the new path that the Souls series wants to take, from its origin with Demon's Souls up to Sekiro. Just in the morning Bandai Namco reported some juicy news on the lore of the game and also puts some clarity on some elements shown yesterday.

“The Golden Order has been shattered. Arise, Lightless, and let yourself be guided by grace towards the conquest of the ancestral Ring, whose power will make you lord of the Interregnum ”. This is how the Bandai Namco press release starts presenting the new title. The premises are all there, the atmospheres are the same that Miyazaki and From Software have accustomed us to, yet something different is felt in the air. “In the Interregnum ruled by Queen Marika the Eternal, the ancestral Ring, source of the Mother Tree, was shattered. The descendants of Marika, offspring of demigods, claimed the fragments of the Ancestral Ring, known as the major runes. The madness resulting from their new strength gave rise to a conflict: Disruption. A war that led to the abandonment of the Higher Will. And now the guidance of grace will descend upon the Lightless, who have been barred from the grace of gold and have been exiled from the Interregnum. Lifeless yet alive, having long since lost your grace, follow the path to the Interregnum beyond the misty sea to appear before the Ancestral Ring. And become the ancestral lord ”.

Our avatar is not welcome in this world, not that in the other Souls the player was left alone, but at least it felt like like chosen ones or somehow special. Here instead we will be real outcasts, exiled and returned in some way to claim what is ours, or that we would like to be in our possession.

The release has been fixed and the game will be released on all platforms with backward compatibility on 21 January 2022. So we should prepare to live this new adventure, riding our mount and using the powers that will be given to us or that we will snatch from our enemies. Up to 4 players will be able to play in a classic Soulsian Co-op, but a PVP mode with the iconic invasions has not yet been confirmed. We believe so because thanks to the vast and varied world that Elden Ring places in front of us, invading could certainly be a lot of fun. We will be able to customize and decide the way to fight for our warrior and the many roads and paths that the game will offer us, as well as showing an absurd variety in the aforementioned vast game world with prairies, deserts and swamps ready to oppose our journey.

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