Exfm: free music on Android in high quality

Exfm: free music on Android in high quality. With Exfm you can stream all the music you want and download your favorite songs in mp3.

Allows to stream all music you want from its large database and allows you to download songs in mp3.

One of the most popular free Android apps for it streaming music in high quality.

We remind you that downloading music pieces covered by copyright is illegal, this guide is for IT purposes only on apps already present online

How to Download Exfm

The app obviously violates the Play Store policies and therefore it is not present there but you can install it easily via the apk. You can download the Exfm version 4 apk from this address, and then proceed with the usual simple installation of the executables on Android. So before you can install it go to settings> security and activate Unknown sources of your smartphone.

How to use Exfm

The app is really simple to use, when started it will show you a screen with the most downloaded songs of the last week.

  • Chosen the song that interests you
  • tap to bring up a screen with three choices
  • one will allow you to feel the brano in streaming
  • the other will allow you to download it in mp3
  • the last one will allow you to add it to one of yours playlist

To Search for a song :

  • click on the menu icon at the top left
  • choose the item Search
  • write the name of the song or artist you are interested in listening to
  • download or add to one of your playlists
  • Also from the menu you can access the music player
  •  playlist
  • ai Download
  • to settings (Settings)

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