Facebook Messenger adds new camera modes: boomerang and selfie

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Facebook announced the release of new features on Messenger for the Christmas holidays. The instant messaging app will incorporate two new camera modes, boomerang and selfie, as well as augmented reality stickers and Christmas effects with which to create photos and videos.

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Facebook Messenger is one of the most used messaging applications around the world, as it is independent of the social network and can be used without having a Facebook account. Over the past few months, the platform has shown that it is heavily targeting this app by launching a new design, and now that Christmas is around the corner, it wants to offer users more tools to share photos and videos.

According to the platform, more than 20 million people currently use camera modes and effects every day to post photos and videos on Messenger. With these users in mind, Facebook has decided to offer more tools to create content to share at Christmas, in particular two new camera modes, boomerang and selfie, new AR stickers and effects dedicated to the holidays.

Therefore, from today we can find five camera modes. There are currently three modes available (text, normal and video), and boomerangs and selfies will be added to these options from today. The first of these new modes, as you should know if you use Instagram, allows you to loop video with ease. The selfie mode is specially designed for taking self-portraits, so as to give the protagonist a little extra brightness and blur the background.

As regards the new facebook messenger stickers, From today, new augmented reality-based stickers will be released that can be placed on videos and photos in the real world by simply touching the screen.

The new Messenger will be available starting today, but since its release will be progressive, it may take some time for it to arrive on your mobile. Update the app and be patient as you will soon be able to use the new Messenger features on your phone.

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