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    FIFA 21: Season 5 Recommended Storylines

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    Elecontric Arts has released the new season of FIFA 21 and as usual with it comes the Storyline. Let's find out together!

    The FIFA 21 videogame year continues unabated. Among themed events (the last one brought the cards to the market FUT Birthday, which we will talk about in another place) and various Weekend Leagues, as the weeks go by the various Seasons also pass, now reaching the fifth. And, as usual, the new one Season  launched in recent days by Electronic Arts has brought with it many innovations in terms of players. In addition to the second wave of Icon Swap, necessary to unlock the various "Legends" available through the Exchanges, the inevitable have also arrived Storyline, which once again did not fail to surprise the players. And not for good, unfortunately.

    Also this 5 season, in fact, it has given players a parterre of players belonging to the Storyline group that is anything but unforgettable, difficult to use both in the most important competitions but also at more modest levels.

    If, however, you are undecided on which player to choose, do not worry: as usual we will take care of it. In this mini guide we will try to help you choose which of these players will be right for you, while keeping in mind that these are all very questionable options.

    Level 15 rewards

    • Choice number 3: Obafemi Martins (Wuhan Zall, OV 86)

    The least recommended option of the first wave of rewards is definitely the one dedicated toformer Inter player “Oba-Oba” Martins, now a militant in the Chinese league. Let's be clear, statistics in hand, the Nigerian striker seems to have all the credentials to be an excellent element, but the skill stars, only three, take care of ruining the card. This detail inevitably makes it not very agile and predictable in game, which for an attacker, with the gameplay of FIFA 21, is absolutely not permissible.

    • Choice number 2: Tariq Fosu (Brentford, OV 86)

    The second option is the one relative to the outside of Brentford (English second division), the Ghanaian Tariq Fosu. Once again, card in hand, the player looks devastating, thanks to absolutely incredible parameters of speed and agility, combined with a good finalization and an acceptable passage, but once again the “physical” skills are compromising the player. The skill stars this time are 4, always few for a player in that role, but the real problem is represented by the 3 under the voice "weak foot", which makes it very predictable. Sure, the workrates are right and in the end as a super sub it can make a difference, but we don't feel like telling you that this is a small champion.

    • Choice number 1: Angel Gomes (Boavista, OV 86)

    The most suitable choice of the first wave of Storyline of Season 5 of FIFA 21 is definitely the one that falls on Angel Gomes, the attacking midfielder of the Boavista of English nationality. Do you want for its stats, very complete although not excellent, but also for the fact hybridity, the young attacking midfielder is certainly the most suitable choice of the Level 15 rewards, even if he is not a very champion. His best skills are certainly dribbling and passing, but with that workrate medium medium makes him a very "manual" player and, therefore, it is up to the player to learn how to exploit him properly.

    Level 30 rewards

    • Choice number 3: Antonio Candreva (Sampdoria, OV 88)

    The third choice among the "best" rewards is certainly the one relating to Antonio Candreva, Italian midfielder former Lazio and Inter now in force at Sampdoria. Let's be clear, this is not a poor player, but simply because, in all honesty, we do not see the need for another player in that role, considering the alternatives already present, even considering some definitely questionable stats. Considering the presence of alternatives such as Kulusevsky, Lozano (in its many versions) and Hakimi, trivially, we do not see the need to present a similar card on the market, which practically does not excel in any respect, resulting overall on average valid in all respects but never truly excellent.

    • Choice number 2: Jimmy Briand (Bordeaux, OV 88)

    The second option of this far from "greedy" pool of players is that dedicated to Jimmy Briand, the French striker in force at Bordeaux. Considering also the nationality of the player and above all also his league to which he belongs, Briand can be a good choice to hybridize the team, but in game it may not be exactly a "train". To restrain him are agility and balance which, combined with a very massive body type, make him a player too cumbersome and difficult to use in the penalty area. This is also joined by the limitation of the skill stars, "only" 4 that weigh it down even more and a resistance that is anything but unforgettable. For the rest, however, he remains an impressive finalizer, but little else.

    • Choice 1: Erik Lamela (Tottenham, OV 89)

    The best option of this storyline round is definitely Eric Lamela, Tottenham winger and former Roma player. Let's start by saying: that “3” in the weak foot entry makes him incredibly not very dangerous, especially in the phase made in, but as a central midfielder he can certainly be very dangerous, thanks to his great vision of the game and a very important ball control. Lamela is certainly not a sensational player, and certainly alternatives in the Premier League could appear (and there are, actually) very quickly, but overall it represents the best option in a certainly uninspired FIFA 21 season.

    Also for this recap of the new season of FIFA 21 is really everything. The appointment is for next month. Do not miss!

    ► FIFA 21 is a Sport-type game developed by Electronic Arts and published by EA Sports for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PC, the video game was released on 09/10/2020
    Version for PlayStation 5 from 03/12/2020
    Version for Xbox Series X from 03/12/2020
    FIFA 21 is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 80%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the FIFA 21 Review

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