FIFA 22 - 3 tips to face the "new" WL

The great success of FIFA 22 continues unabated. Electronic Arts football continues to grind record after record, establishing itself more and more as one of the greatest successes in the recent history of the Canadian company. Whether you like it or not, then, it must be admitted that much of this success is linked to the Ultimate Team mode, for several years now the true epicenter of the interest of the players, eager to build their dream team thanks to the possibilities offered by the modality in question.

Just to push more and more in the direction of the competitive, EA wanted to change the structure of the competitive modes par excellence of the FUT, that is the Division Rivals and in particular the FUT Champions, also known by old friends as the "Weekend League". The company wanted to reformulate the much loved (and played) competition, modifying both the access methods and the number of games to play, which somehow split the community in two, although, in the end, the consents have somehow overcome the disagreements.

Does a "new" Weekend League (WL) therefore require a new kind of approach? The answer is, after all, yes, also because although the prizes are greedier and above all easier to unlock, it is also true that qualifying for the final phase is much more difficult and less obvious. For this reason, we at Epictrick want to try to give you some tips to better face the new FIFA 22 Weekend League, both the Playoffs and the final stages, putting our knowledge “on the pitch” at the service of all players.

You are ready? The fun is about to arrive ... but also a few too many freaks!

Choose carefully the days in which to play the playoffs

As we already mentioned at the beginning, this year, with FIFA 22 the access methods to the Weekend League have changed. To qualify for the maximum online competition of FIFA 22, therefore, it is not enough to make the classic 2000 Champions qualification points but you must take part in the much feared Playoffs, which establish access (or not) to the final phase of the competition. Basically, it is a question of playing 9 games against randomly matched opponents (without Division limits, so to speak) and at any time of the week, with the aim of scoring at least 24 points out of 32 available to obtain the much desired qualification. Each of the victories gives the player 4 points while in the event of a defeat only one point is obtained.

It goes without saying that "enough" to win 5 games out of 9 to reach the real competition and therefore the first step is precisely to prepare yourself as best as possible to face these matches, starting from the choice of the right days. In fact, it is no mystery that the top players and "pros" in general prefer to retrain quickly once the current competition is over and, therefore, it is more useful for less experienced players to avoid the very first days (from Monday to Wednesday to be clear) before to attempt the qualification, also because the attempts are not infinite, quite the contrary.

Choose well when to use the (limited) accesses for the Finals

We were already explaining it to you a moment ago: the attempts to play the final stages of the Weekend League, starting this year, are not unlimited. For each season, in fact, each player has only available 7 attempts to access the Finals, which are unlocked after scoring 1500 points in the Rivals (the points obtained vary depending on the division in which you are active). Consequently it is very important, in addition to choosing the right days in which to play the Playoffs, to plan well when to make your attempt, also perhaps taking into account any commitments or, more simply, the moment of form or perhaps the state of mind. of that specific moment. The qualifications in fact represent perhaps the most competitive part of the competition and therefore it is better to arrive at the appointment in the most prepared way possible, in every sense.

It must be said that Electronic Arts has also thought of this and has decided to reward players with both "tasty" prizes available simply by disputing the qualifications (even losing, so to speak) and by giving them the opportunity to keep access to the playoffs for when you have more time and desire to play the finals. To be clear, if we qualify for a week we could choose whether to play immediately in the current Weekend League or to wait for the next week (or the one after that!) To play. the final 20 games, that is the so-called Finals.

Arrive with the team ready and with clear ideas

Last but not least in order of importance we want you to understand how important it is, rather than having a super team, to have clear ideas and to get to know your team better before venturing into the universe of FUT champions. Knowing your players well, applying the right instructions and deploying the most suitable module for your game are all fundamental steps to be able to aim for both an easy qualification and a profitable and profitable final phase, both from the point of view of rewards and of " simple "personal satisfaction, generated by the results obtained during the race weekend.

Be careful, therefore, not to vary too many players, especially with the games in progress, and not to experiment with various modules and instructions: these steps, especially during qualifying, can be incredibly deleterious. After all, although the "used" players are almost always the same, it is fair to point out that having one player or another in the team can significantly change the approach to every single race and for this reason it is very important to play many Rivals first before trying your hand at the Weekend League Playoffs.

Even the individual instructions are very important and it is equally important not to change them during the races, just to avoid losing control over your team, with the consequent risk of exposing yourself to unnecessary risks and potential avoidable series of defeats. As in real football, trust and “cohesion” are fundamental elements for the success of your matches and never as in FIFA 22 this truth is even more absolute. Thanks to a very different gameplay compared to the previous ones and above all taking into account the many structural innovations, widely explained above, it is clear how much being sure of your means is a decisive step to obtain continuous improvement and, trust me, none more than myself he can confirm it, having improved his results week by week and with so much dedication, starting from a miserably failed first qualification.

The new FIFA 22 Weekend League is more difficult to achieve, it requires more steps to get there, but it can give players a lot of incentives to participate, both in terms of rewards and in terms of personal satisfaction. Thanks to a total review of the structure, it is right to reiterate how much planning is a fundamental step to see the progress of one's work and we hope that the three tips, which we believe to be essential, that we have given you can help you approach in the most functional and productive way possible what is the competitive sphere of the game par excellence.

► FIFA 22 is a Simulation-Sport game developed and published by Electronic Arts for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia, the game was released on 30/09/2021 The version for PlayStation 4 came out on 02/10/2021 The version for Xbox One came out on 02/10/2021
Version for PlayStation 5 from 02/10/2021
Version for Xbox Series X from 02/10/2021
Version for Google Stadia from 02/10/2021
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