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    Fix: "PUBG Mobile does not open and only closes when I play"

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    What to do if PUBG Mobile doesn't open?

    Believe it or not, the fact that PUGB Mobile does not open is usually a fairly common mistake among players of this popular video game, and although the causes and solutions are usually different in each case, the most common are the following:

    PUBG Mobile is not compatible with the device

    It is important to keep in mind that there are minimum requirements to install and play PUGB Mobile that your device must meet in order to enjoy the game. without errors or interruptions. So, if the game doesn't open for you, it could be caused by device compatibility issues.

    Some of requirements required by PUBG Mobile for its correct functioning they are to have a Quad-Core processor or higher, 2 GB of RAM, Android 5.1 or higher and have a stable Internet connection.

    The device meets the requirements, but PUBG Mobile won't open

    If your mobile meets the minimum requirements to successfully install and run PUGB Mobile, the problem may be related to cache, so the best thing you can do is clear your device's cache. To clear the cache and data on your mobile device, you must first go to the Settings / Settings menu of the phone.

    Next, you need to locate the Application Manager or Installed Applications section of your mobile, then you need to locate and select the PUBG Mobile app, select the Storage option and select Clear cache and Clear data, respectively. After that, you can log into the game again and check if this way the error is resolved and you can play again comfortably.

    If that doesn't work and the game still doesn't open, you will need to uninstall the game and reinstall it, to see if the problem is resolved, but if not, the only option you will have is to contact the game's technical support to answer your questions.

    What to do if PUBG Mobile only closes when I am playing?

    Typically, if PUBG Mobile closes on its own, almost the same steps are taken as the previous process with regards to when the game won't open. You can clear the cache and game data on your mobile by going to Settings> Apps & Notifications> PUBG Mobile > Storage> Clear Storage Space and Clear Cache.

    This will completely "clean" the game, so when you reopen it, you will have to log in again to the game and see if the error has stopped. If not, you will need to uninstall the game and make sure you download the latest version of PUBG Mobile and check if this fixes the issue closing itself.

    Other recommended solutions to this problem are to make sure you have one good internet connection and make sure not to share the connection with other devices or software. It is also convenient that if your device has been on for a long time, you restart it before starting to play or also make sure to close all programs before playing.

    It can happen that if there are two or more games in the same account at the same time, the game may freeze or close, so it's best to avoid this situation so you can play the game, although if the problem persists the PUBG technical support page recommends reinstalling the launcher.

    PUBG Mobile is one of the benchmarks of the genre and the number of players that PUBG has is incredible, so it is definitely a game that is worth it, that you can have fun with for a while. If at any point PUBG Mobile doesn't open or exits by itself while playing, you can quickly and easily fix this problem using the tips we've given you, so make the most of them.

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