Guide to the Immortal Runes of Diablo

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In this guide, we will look at what kind of useful material Rune is in Diablo Immortal, where you can get it, and how many types of Rune exist in Diablo Immortal. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Table of contents 1) What are the runes in Diablo Immortal 2) How to get the runes in Diablo Immortal 2.1) Fractures of the elder 2.2) Challenge the fractures 2.3) Faded embers 3) Types of runes in Diablo Immortal and associated gems 3.1) Ranking 1 star Recipes of legendary gems 3.2) 2-star ranking Legendary gem recipes

What are runes in Diablo Immortal

To get the best performance out of your gear in Diablo Immortal, players need to farm Legendary Gems, which are items that can be placed into game characters. These will bolster players' stats and provide them with some awesome new skills.

In addition, they will also increase a player's Combat Score. However, before players can do this, they must first get their hands on the Runes.

Runes are one of the most important and valuable items in Diablo Immortal that are used to create the legendary gems. These act as a resource currency in the game.

Once players get their hands on Rune in the game, they can take it to the Jeweler's Apprentice and combine it with Platinum to acquire one or two star legendary gems.

Runes are classified into two main types; Common runes and uncommon runes. The first type of rune is used to create one and two star legendary gems, while the second type is used exclusively to create two star legendary gems.

At the same time, it is possible to create more legendary gems of higher rank using the recipes available at the jeweler. However, they are time consuming and can be expensive; having enough runes stacked can make the process easier for you.

How to get runes in Diablo Immortal

Now that we've clarified what kind of items Runes are and their purpose in the game, let's take a look at where you can get them. There are three significant ways to get runes in Diablo Immortal.

Fractures of the elderly

The first way to get as many runes as possible is through Elder Rifts. Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal features a randomly generated dungeon with endless monsters and rich rewards.

Once players have successfully completed the event, they gain experience points, gold, and faded embers as rewards. Faded Embers are an in-game currency used to obtain runes from nearby merchants.

To enhance your Elder Rifts experience, use rare badges or legendary badges. When you do, it will allow you to claim the runes directly once the Elder's Wasteland is completed. This will grant you a decent number of runes that can be used to upgrade your character's skills and equipment. Also, these runes will be a mix of common and uncommon runes

Challenge fractures

Challenge Rifts are a more complicated version of Elder's Rifts. These events are divided into different levels with many challenges and bosses for players to face. Upon completion of each level, players are rewarded with various types of runes.

These vary mainly between ATI and FA; however, from time to time, there are also drops of a higher level rune. Rift Raids are one of the most reliable ways to constantly increase your stash of runes in the game.

Faded embers

One of the most obvious ways to get Runes in the game is to trade Fading Embers with merchants. Again, this currency can also be obtained by taking part in various challenges and missions in the game, most notably Elder and Challenge Rifts, enriched with legendary badges.

Additionally, if your partner also uses Legendary Coats of Arms during these challenges, the chances of getting Fading Embers doubles. Once you have enough, trade them with the merchant to acquire the rune you want.

Types of runes in Diablo Immortal and associated gems

There are currently a total of 15 runes that players can avail while playing in Diablo Immortal. We have listed the name of each rune along with the required amount of Fading Embers (FE).

  • Ati (10 FE)
  • Eh (30 FE)
  • Nie (in FE fade)
  • Pir: (30 FE)
  • Lux: (30 FE)
  • Ord: (30 FE)
  • Fa: (40 FE)
  • Syl: (120 FE)
  • Urs: (120 FE)
  • Bol: (120 FE)
  • Ent: (120 FE)
  • Dott: (120 FE)
  • Vox: (120 FE)
  • Rae: (120 FE)
  • Shot: (120 FE)

Using these runes, players can create precious legendary gems in Diablo Immortal. Below is the recipe for each of them based on their star ranking.

1 star ranking Legendary Gem Recipes

  • Eye of the Berserker: Requires 2 Pyr Runes and 7 Ati Runes
  • Rejuvenation of Ca'arsen: Requires 2 Syl runes and 7 Ati runes
  • Chained Death: Requires 2 Vox Runes and 7 Ati Runes
  • Rebel Soul: Requires 2 Ent runes and 7 Ati runes
  • Eternal torment: Requires 2 Bol runes and 7 Ati runes
  • Freedom and devotion: Requires 2 Dro Runes and 7 Ati Runes
  • Mocking Laughter: Requires 2 Rae Runes and 7 Ati Runes
  • Nightmare Crown: Requires 2 Nie Runes and 7 Ati Runes
  • Pain of submission: Requires 2 Lux Runes and 7 Ati Runes
  • Stone of Truce: Requires 2 Ord Runes and 7 Ati Runes
  • Weakening of Seled: Requires 2 Tyr runes and 7 Ati runes
  • The black rose: Requires 2 runes and Weh 7 Ati runes
  • Gemma Trickshot: Requires 2 runes and Aud 7 Ati runes
  • Zod Stone: Requires 2 Urs Runes and 7 Ati Runes

2-Star Ranking Legendary Gem Recipes

  • Battle Guard: Requires 2 Ece Runes and 28 Ati Runes
  • Bloody reach: Requires 2 Zuh Runes and 28 Ati Runes
  • The Cutthroat Smile: Requires 2 Oth Runes and 28 Ati Runes
  • Follower burden: Requires 2 Laz Runes and 28 Ati Runes
  • Lightning: Requires 2 Cir Runes and 28 Ati Runes
  • Power and command: Requires 2 new runes and 28 Ati runes
  • Hunger: Requires 2 Imm Runes and 28 Ati Runes
  • Unit crystal: Requires 2 Phy Runes and 28 Ati Runes

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